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#21 invalid Several Enhacnements of email2trac anonymous "Heiko Behrens" <HeikoBehrens@…>

I made some improvements of email2trac regarding the handling of html
embedded images. Also, this version can accept files instead of stdin
and works right with binary attachments. Among other smaller fixes
improves the behavior under windows (at least for us).

How can I publish these changes?

#142 fixed Some fields are no longer available using alternate_notify_template bas hju@…

In our old environment (email2trac 0.30 / trunk 218) we are using the alternate_notify_template to inform the reporter about acceptance of the ticket.

In the mail-body we use the following text (example):


your request was insertet as $ in our system.

Your request was:



Everything works fine!

Now we have established a new environment under windows with email2trac 0.80 and python 2.5.

Problem: The $ticket.description is displayed, but $ is empty. In the Mail-Header, the ID ist displayed!

Taking a close look shows: with the "old" email2trac, if a ticket was created there was "change-entry" for each ticket:

*id  set to 411

this is now missing.

Is it possible, that the ID is no longer known due to this missing "update"?

#244 fixed SpamFilter is disabled/undef, but external mails fail to get through bas birgit-nietsch@…

I have set up and tested email2trac and came across this problem: Mails from inside our network are nicely being processed into tickets, but mails from external mail servers will bounce:

<>: Command died with status 1:
    "/usr/local/bin/run_email2trac --project=example --ticket_prefix=XXX". Command
    output: -Metadata-Version: 1.0 -Name: TracSpamFilter -Version: 0.4.6
    -Summary: Plugin for spam filtering -Home-page: -Author: Edgewall Software
    -Author-email: -License: BSD -Download-URL: -Description: UNKNOWN -Keywords:
    trac plugin -Platform: UNKNOWN -Classifier: Framework :: Trac -Classifier:
    License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License saving email to
    /tmp/tmpO0gAmo.email2trac writing body to /tmp/tmpnNgKeZ.email2trac

This always happens, no matter what I do with any spam filter options. Even if any spam filters are switched off/undefined, external mails will still be bounced.

Here is my email2trac.conf:

parentdir: /srv/trac/projects
debug: 0
umask: 022
disabled_spam_level: 5
disabled_spam_header: X-Spam-Score
reply_all : 0
mailto_link: 0
umask: 022
email_header: 0
trac_version: 0.12.2
enable_syslog : 1
alternate_notify_template :
alternate_notify_template_update :
disabled_drop_spam : 0
verbatim_format: 1
strip_signature: 0
email_quote: >
strip_quotes: 0
ignore_trac_user_settings: 0
disabled_black_list: MAILER-DAEMON@
drop_alternative_html_version: 1
ticket_permission_system: trac
html2text_cmd: /usr/bin/links -dump

project: /srv/trac/projects/example
ticket_permission_system: update_restricted_to_participants
disabled_drop_spam : 0
disabled_spam_level: 5

I'm using trac 0.12.2 on OpenSUSE 11.4 and I've built email2trac with: ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --with-trac_user=wwwrun --enable-python --with-mta-user=nobody

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