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#197 fixed DiscussionPlugin support bas ibarton@…
Hello, email2trac developers.

I'm a developer of DiscussionPlugin for Trac [1] and one of its users
requested an e-mail posting support for it [2]. I see that a good way to
implement this would be to extend your email2trac set of scrips so I'm asking
if would it be acceptable for you to include to mainstream possible patch that
would add DiscussionPlugin support to email2trac or should I fork/reuse
email2trac (or something else) in standalone solution or start to implement
something from scratch?

I haven't studied email2trac code much for now so I don't know how to do it
exactly yet, but in case of possitive answer, I'd digg more into it. Anyway,
any hints or advices would be appreciated.

Thank you for making your stand on this topic.

[1] -
[2] -

With best regards,
#216 fixed disallow multiple assignment of the same inline property bas Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon@…>

(contd from #214)

Attached patch will only allow one assignment of the same inline property -- the first one. For example, take the following email using "outlook-style" quoting and top-posting:

I fixed your problem.

@status: closed
@resolution: fixed

From: Client
To: Developer
Sent: ...
Subject: Re: Please fix my problem

I will be fixing your problem shortly.

@status: accepted

Without the patch, the status will be set to "accepted" even though it's not the developer's intent. With this patch, the top-most assignment wins, and all further assignments are ignored.

#86 fixed Disable notificatiosn to reporter on a per-project basis bas saranl@…

I'd like to route some automatically generated emails (like a status report) to generate a ticket as usual but NOT have any notifications sent to the 'reporter' address when the ticket is created or updated (in fact ever).

Maybe there could be an option for this I could add to the project options in email2trac.conf - it's easy enough to route these mails to a particular address and have the project name set on the command line.

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