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#65 fixed ticketnumber@trachost.domain.tld anonymous stappers@…

Hello email2trac people,

The documentation says that ticket update by E-mail is possible.

There is an example where ticket 1529 is updated by putting '#1529' in the Subject line. ( the example could be read as that '[hic] #1529:' should be in the Subject line )

What is needed to update ticket 1529 by E-mail without modifing the Subject line?

#130 fixed ticket owner, version and milestone for new ticket bas steve


great tool, thanks! Would it be possible to add functionality to parse the header for owner,version and milestone information of the new ticket.

For example a header (subject-line) may look like: Ticketname?owner=steve&version=0.1&milestone=1

Would be a great feature i think ;-)

#78 fixed Tickets created by email2trac add a ticket ID change event bas jon.wbstr@…

I see this change event for every ticket created by email2trac (trac 0.11).

    *   id  set to <ticketID>
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