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#1 Test 1234 bas setup blocker email2trac
#34 Have newer seen such a good work before! bas setup blocker email2trac
#40 Lost in config - emails not arriving at trac bas setup major email2trac
#42 email2trac problem bas setup major email2trac
#58 I don't understand how to configure ticket update bas setup major email2trac
#61 Notifications not sent when email2trac adds a ticket bas setup major email2trac
#79 Having some issues getting multiple projects to work bas setup major email2trac
#82 need to contact authors bas setup trivial email2trac
#92 Possible to give examples of usage on the wiki? anonymous setup minor email2trac
#96 QMail can't use sudo method in documentation bas setup major email2trac
#100 problems with ticket follow-up bas setup minor email2trac
#107 email2trac cant format email sent by postfix bas setup major email2trac
#108 Apple Mail can't reply to existing tickets bas setup major email2trac
#122 An new error bas setup major run_emailtrac
#133 Emails contain an incorrect ticket URL bas setup major email2trac
#134 Email2Trac and Fetchmail bas setup blocker email2trac
#137 email2trac can't find python2.6 binary in /usr/bin bas setup major email2trac
#139 Configure more projects in email2trac.conf bas setup major email2trac
#150 One email address per project bas setup major email2trac
#158 Need Help:Struggling to get Email2Trac working on Debian bas setup major email2trac
#160 Command died with status 1 bas setup major email2trac
#161 can I receive email without MTA in email2trac? bas setup major email2trac
#164 Email2tracMta documentation error in Test Setup bas setup minor email2trac
#181 python error when email2trac gets an email with any kind of attachment bas setup major email2trac
#182 Email2trac on Dreamhost bas setup major email2trac
#189 Configure email2trac to work with Exchange bas setup major email2trac
#190 outstanding permissions issue with email2trac bas setup major email2trac
#208 Ticket URL is not absolute in sent ticket notification bas setup major email2trac
#213 help to configure bas setup trivial email2trac
#215 Updated tickets are not showing up on the View Tickets bas setup minor email2trac
#220 Having Issue in the installation procedure for fetchmail bas setup blocker email2trac
#225 Attribute Error(s) bas setup minor email2trac
#252 Option to automatically add reporter to ticket cc field bas setup major New email2trac release 2.4.0 email2trac
#256 to env or not to env .. that is the question.. bas setup major New email2trac release 2.4.0 email2trac
#257 email2trac : OperationalError: SQL logic error or missing database bas setup minor email2trac
#263 fetchmail and email2trac: run email2trac as www-data bas setup trivial email2trac
#281 installing email2trac in fedora 9 bas setup major email2trac
#291 you strip quotes bas setup minor email2trac
#294 emailtotrac bas setup major email2trac
#298 Genshi 0.5 / 0.6 bas setup major email2trac
#311 Problems with html conversion bas setup major email2trac
#316 error: option --project not recognized bas setup major email2trac
#320 How to configure the e-mail that triggers the creation of the Ticket bas setup major email2trac
#326 Automatically reopened a ticket closed bas setup trivial email2trac
#329 initial import of threaded mbox to ticket, and subsequent upgrades bas setup major email2trac
#333 replying email not working bas setup critical email2trac
#334 run_email2trac crashes intermittently bas setup major email2trac
#354 qmail configuration example bas setup major email2trac
#362 Case for "mail delivery failed" bas setup major email2trac
#447 Installation / Setup issue with Ubuntu 20.04 / Trac 1.2.5 / Fetchmail bas setup blocker run_emailtrac
#15 Milestone Handling bas task critical email2trac
#35 In trac 0.11 email2trac fails in notify and in ticket_update methods bas task major email2trac
#39 blacklisting, check for case insensitive mailer-daemon@ bas task major email2trac
#41 Emailed 'reported by' not a valid username bas task major email2trac
#44 With a ticket update we must check if message is Spam bas task critical email2trac
#67 write documentation about new ticket creation bas task major email2trac
#152 HTML-mails content not stored in description of ticket anonymous task critical release 2.0.0 email2trac
#242 Identifying reporter sometime fails with bi-case email addresses bas task minor email2trac
#255 suggestion for change to Email2tracConfiguration bas task minor email2trac
#285 Old Debian bugs bas task major email2trac release 2.4.7 email2trac
#296 A small patch that adds a configurable strip_signature_regex bas task major strip signature/quotes email2trac
#330 Agilo detection does not work patch bas task major email2trac
#2 patch to make update via email work with trac 0.11 dev bas enhancement minor email2trac
#5 Windows 2003 Installation bas enhancement major email2trac
#6 Strip email quotes bas enhancement major email2trac
#7 Ticket field manipulation bas enhancement major email2trac
#10 PYTHON_EGG_CACHE needed bas enhancement major email2trac
#18 Support replying to ticket notifications bas enhancement major email2trac
#26 Q: Able to collaborate internally on tickets before mailing a response anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#30 filtering out the html version of the email bas enhancement minor 1.0.0 email2trac
#36 read the configuration file with trac Configuration class bas enhancement major email2trac
#45 email2trac bas enhancement major email2trac
#48 Patch for email2trac bas enhancement minor email2trac
#55 Set Ticket Type bas enhancement major email2trac
#56 blacklisting, check for case insensitive postmaster@ bas enhancement minor email2trac
#64 Configuration flag for SpamAssassin header bas enhancement major email2trac
#65 ticketnumber@trachost.domain.tld anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#66 Setting ticket fields during ticket creation anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#68 Strip attachments with certain file extensions bas enhancement major Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#70 Reactivate closed tickets if a new email pertaining to them is found bas enhancement major 0.80 email2trac
#71 Feature Request: Picture in body not as Attachment bas enhancement minor email2trac
#77 Contributing back some customizations bas enhancement major email2trac
#86 Disable notificatiosn to reporter on a per-project basis bas enhancement major email2trac
#88 Ease of use bas enhancement minor email2trac
#90 [Patch] eMail with 'alternate_notify_template' after creation does not work bas enhancement critical email2trac
#94 Support for RFC 3676 (format=flowed) bas enhancement major email2trac
#101 Correctly set custom field default values when creating a ticket bas enhancement major email2trac
#102 Can't update tickets from an email bas enhancement major email2trac
#105 Better support for inline attachments and multiple body parts bas enhancement major email2trac
#106 More versatile support for Mac attachments bas enhancement major email2trac
#110 Embedded images in emails bas enhancement minor email2trac
#116 email2trac to also serve blogs bas enhancement major 0.80 email2trac
#121 Configuration of smtp_replyto on a per-project basis bas enhancement major email2trac
#130 ticket owner, version and milestone for new ticket bas enhancement major 0.80 email2trac
#132 Just keep the latest replied message in email to the description of ticket bas enhancement major email2trac
#154 [Patch] strip_signature and strip_quotes more effective bas enhancement major strip signature/quotes email2trac
#155 better description for strip_signature bas enhancement minor strip signature/quotes email2trac
#163 Python egg cache problem (and fix) in v 1.0.0 of email2trac bas enhancement major Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#165 This message has 0 attachment(s) bas enhancement minor Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#166 Propose using '&' instead of comma as field separator on subject line bas enhancement minor Release 1.1.0 email2trac
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