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#327 Error in the URL of attachments bas defect major email2trac
#329 initial import of threaded mbox to ticket, and subsequent upgrades bas setup major email2trac
#330 Agilo detection does not work patch bas task major email2trac
#334 run_email2trac crashes intermittently bas setup major email2trac
#336 email2trac included in the Softpedia Linux software database bas enhancement major email2trac
#338 Error assigns a ticket to a Developer bas defect major email2trac
#340 [patch] Incorrect method call causing exception in some cases bas defect major email2trac
#341 format-security problem bas enhancement major email2trac
#342 Typo in variable assignment bas defect major email2trac
#343 Sender is not notified when new ticket is created bas defect major email2trac
#345 trac installation detection exception false positive bas enhancement major email2trac
#346 too eager subject parsing in ticket update bas enhancement major email2trac
#354 qmail configuration example bas setup major email2trac
#362 Case for "mail delivery failed" bas setup major email2trac
#364 notify_sender doesn't work, probably since r633 bas enhancement major email2trac
#365 email2trac doesn't work with discussionplugin 0.9 bas enhancement major email2trac
#392 email2trac functionality is not working bas defect major email2trac
#398 file name after unzip bas defect major email2trac
#404 Missing attachments bas defect major email2trac
#413 Support for Trac version 1.2 bas enhancement major email2trac
#2 patch to make update via email work with trac 0.11 dev bas enhancement minor email2trac
#23 Configuration problem bas defect minor email2trac
#24 "ImportError: No module named syslog" on Windows bas defect minor email2trac
#30 filtering out the html version of the email bas enhancement minor 1.0.0 email2trac
#31 set owner for new ticket bas defect minor email2trac
#48 Patch for email2trac bas enhancement minor email2trac
#56 blacklisting, check for case insensitive postmaster@ bas enhancement minor email2trac
#71 Feature Request: Picture in body not as Attachment bas enhancement minor email2trac
#76 This pages contains both secure and unsecure items bas defect minor email2trac
#78 Tickets created by email2trac add a ticket ID change event bas defect minor email2trac
#88 Ease of use bas enhancement minor email2trac
#92 Possible to give examples of usage on the wiki? anonymous setup minor email2trac
#100 problems with ticket follow-up bas setup minor email2trac
#110 Embedded images in emails bas enhancement minor email2trac
#111 Imported tickets using verbatim format have blank first line in description bas defect minor email2trac
#136 From: line misparsed when smtp_default_domain is set bas defect minor 0.90 email2trac
#149 filenames of attachments are escaped twice by email2trac bas defect minor Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#155 better description for strip_signature bas enhancement minor strip signature/quotes email2trac
#164 Email2tracMta documentation error in Test Setup bas setup minor email2trac
#165 This message has 0 attachment(s) bas enhancement minor Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#166 Propose using '&' instead of comma as field separator on subject line bas enhancement minor Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#169 Contributed ebuild of trac2email for gentoo bas enhancement minor Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#180 patch allow specific tracs to disable workflow on tickets bas enhancement minor Version 1.2 email2trac
#186 add optional cryptography related features bas enhancement minor email2trac
#198 Accept workflow transitions bas enhancement minor email2trac
#215 Updated tickets are not showing up on the View Tickets bas setup minor email2trac
#217 Additional config option (`parentdir`) to avoid the need of sections for each project bas enhancement minor release 2.0.0 email2trac
#219 Option to detect valid users when using a default_domain and no email on settings bas enhancement minor release 2.0.0 email2trac
#225 Attribute Error(s) bas setup minor email2trac
#242 Identifying reporter sometime fails with bi-case email addresses bas task minor email2trac
#245 Little Syntax Problem bas enhancement minor email2trac
#249 @CC: field is ignored upon ticket creation bas defect minor New email2trac release 2.4.0 email2trac
#255 suggestion for change to Email2tracConfiguration bas task minor email2trac
#257 email2trac : OperationalError: SQL logic error or missing database bas setup minor email2trac
#264 [Patch] Workflow not identified if 'status' is in mixed case bas defect minor New email2trac release 2.4.0 email2trac
#272 how does email2trac parses the to-field bas defect minor Release 2.4.5 email2trac
#278 Conditional workflow bas enhancement minor email2trac
#291 you strip quotes bas setup minor email2trac
#295 Patch to get email2trac to work correctly with the Agilo plugin bas enhancement minor email2trac
#299 Email2trac should not set the resolution attribute when creating tickets bas enhancement minor email2trac release 2.6.0 email2trac
#305 email2trac raises exception for ticket update when agilo is installed bas enhancement minor email2trac
#379 Ignoring Attachments by Filename bas enhancement minor email2trac
#37 greedy matching in Subject line bas defect trivial email2trac
#82 need to contact authors bas setup trivial email2trac
#213 help to configure bas setup trivial email2trac
#263 fetchmail and email2trac: run email2trac as www-data bas setup trivial email2trac
#326 Automatically reopened a ticket closed bas setup trivial email2trac
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