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#237 using email2trac via sendmail with MySQL DB backend producing error bas setup blocker email2trac
#199 Email notifications not getting sent when the Account Manager plugin is enabled bas defect critical email2trac
#444 having problem in installing email2trac on Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS bas setup critical email2trac
#22 configuration for postfix+trac under apache+email2trac0.10 under ubuntu server bas defect major email2trac
#25 always an attachment in ticket creation bas defect major email2trac
#159 update ticket problem and sample solution bas setup major email2trac
#176 Reporter receives no more notification after update bas defect major email2trac
#191 Not inserted domain new when new ticket created by emal2trac bas setup major email2trac
#310 Website down? bas setup major email2trac
#416 [patch] Invalid subject line causes email2trac to crash bas defect major email2trac
#109 The script is getting stack while importing. bas setup minor email2trac
#275 Ticket updates do not display reporter address ('From'-header) bas enhancement minor email2trac
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