I got Trac off of www.jumpbox.com

It installed and I run it and I'm very happy that I didn't have to be a
programmer to get it going.

I see that you have a email2trac utility and..

I also see that it seems I need to be a programmer to install it.

I can get into Trac VMware system and edit the trac.ini file and
thats about the extent of it.. I'm not even sure if the Jumpbox
instance is Python or what?

Please let me know if this is something that I can install simply and,
if so, what are the simple instructions.

Thanks in advance, what anther great idea!

And.. having a non-programmer installation instructions (idiot instructions)
would be most helpful to the other 99% of the world that are not programmers.

I mean, thank goodness for you guys and, if we can only translate this it will
be a better world!  ;->