I believe I have finally solved my own problem.  There were no AVC messages in the message log, but I dug into the audit log and found that the reason the service was being denied access to the files, even when they where chmod 777 was SELinux.  I created a custom SELinux policy based on the alerts generated after a reboot and failed email2trac test and it appears to have fixed the problem.

On 11/5/07, email2trac <email2trac@sara.nl> wrote:
#32: permissions issue, email2trac config
Reporter:  acgoss@gmail.com  |        Owner:  bas
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Priority:  major             |    Component:  email2trac
Version:  0.10              |   Resolution:
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Comment (by bas):

This setup will never work for root and apache, because the postfix user
will start up email2trac and this userid has no write access to the trac-
database. That is why you need run_email2trac for this. It will change the
userid from <postfix> to the <apache> user.  The process of changing user
fails some how and i think it has to do with not allowing to run suid

Can you just put this is /etc/aliases:
test: /var/tmp/test.sh

/usr/bin/id > /var/tmp/postfix.user

else use the other postfix setup:

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