23:30 Ticket #45 (email2trac) created by Anand <anandkapur@…>


12:52 Changeset [196] by bas
New email2trac release
11:37 Ticket #44 (With a ticket update we must check if message is Spam) closed by anonymous
fixed: Fixed in trunk
11:30 Changeset [195] by bas
debian/changelog, email2trac.spec: - Update version to 0.13
11:27 Changeset [194] by bas
email2trac.py.in, email2trac.conf: - See ChangeLog? for all the changes
10:54 Email2tracConfiguration edited by anonymous
10:42 Ticket #41 (Emailed 'reported by' not a valid username) closed by anonymous
fixed: Fixed in trunk
10:36 Ticket #39 (blacklisting, check for case insensitive mailer-daemon@) closed by anonymous
fixed: Fixed in new version and trunk
10:32 Ticket #38 (integrityerror) closed by anonymous
fixed: is a bug in trac and sqlite, new version or other database
10:32 Ticket #37 (greedy matching in Subject line) closed by anonymous
fixed: Is fixed in the new release and trunk version
09:13 Ticket #35 (In trac 0.11 email2trac fails in notify and in ticket_update methods) closed by anonymous
fixed: New version will be released soon
09:12 Ticket #31 (set owner for new ticket) closed by anonymous
fixed: Just close the ticket. No reponse
09:10 Ticket #6 (Strip email quotes) closed by anonymous
fixed: This is fixed in new version. That will be released soon.


09:42 Ticket #44 (With a ticket update we must check if message is Spam) created by anonymous
With ticket update there is no check if this is a SPAM message. I …


19:22 Email2tracInstallation edited by anonymous
07:51 Ticket #33 (Using long name for post) closed by bas
duplicate: see ticket #41 for explanation, i will add this to a FAQ section, he …
07:46 Ticket #21 (Several Enhacnements of email2trac) closed by bas
07:43 Ticket #43 (email2trac problem) closed by bas
duplicate: see ticket #42
07:40 Ticket #43 (email2trac problem) created by manish.singh@…
my tickets are not updating , when i am replying to a mail from trac.


07:48 Ticket #42 (email2trac problem) reopened by manish.singh@…
Replying to anonymous: > Replying to [ticket:42


10:48 Ticket #42 (email2trac problem) closed by anonymous
fixed: Replying to manu_mani31@rediffmail.com: > i have a …
08:26 Ticket #42 (email2trac problem) created by manu_mani31@…
i have a question ablout email2trac, that how can i configure this one …


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