11:08 Changeset [257] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - A working workflow implementation, must be fine tuned


10:26 Changeset [256] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - closes #123, fixed a typing error


13:40 Ticket #123 (NameError: global name 'parameter' is not defined) created by tomasz.sterna@…
I have a Trac 0.11.1 (easy_install trac) installed and running. I …


20:48 Email2tracMta edited by anonymous
15:29 WikiStart edited by matthew.pusateri@…
Changed latest stable release from 0.30 to 0.70 (diff)


14:14 Changeset [255] by bas
New version 0.70
12:12 Ticket #118 (email2trac ver 0.60 - login name not set and email bounces) closed by bas
fixed: fixed in version 0.7, close ticket so we van release a new version
12:10 Changeset [254] by bas
Changelog for new version
00:00 Milestone 0.70 completed
is released


17:26 Ticket #122 (An new error) created by cbidwell@…
Please forgive me as I'm not well versed with postfix/email so much. …
09:25 Changeset [253] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - ticket id is now move to the class variable. …


17:39 Ticket #121 (Configuration of smtp_replyto on a per-project basis) created by steve.brown@…
Hi there, We're using email2trac 0.30 quite nicely with Trac 0.11.2 - …
16:08 Changeset [252] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - always use self.author = self.email_addr, #118
15:53 Tickets #117,​120 batch updated by bas
15:42 Changeset [251] by bas
15:35 Changeset [250] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - removed obsolete set_owner function - …
12:10 Ticket #120 (tickeet updates with attachmenst does not work anymore) created by bas
The function to deternine unique filenames crashes and is not correct. …


12:19 Changeset [249] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - applied patch, #117 - and made login name lookup …


22:56 Ticket #119 (Weird email with CC error) created by gmcgrath@…
We've done some testing over here on the new 0.60 version you …
22:23 Ticket #118 (email2trac ver 0.60 - login name not set and email bounces) created by "Pusateri, Matthew" <Matthew.Pusateri@…>
[…] untitled-part.html


16:12 Changeset [248] by bas
new release now with the proper settings
16:04 Changeset [247] by bas
New release 0.6
13:28 Ticket #117 (propagate fail to calling environment) created by admin-egon@…
given a setup where fetchmail uses mda "...run_email2trac" the …
10:35 Ticket #116 (email2trac to also serve blogs) created by lucas.eisenzimmer@…
Hi Bas, I have been playing around in order to creating/updating …
08:47 Changeset [246] by bas
Some minor changes for new release
08:40 Ticket #113 (can't set informations (owner, version, milestone, ...) via email if ...) closed by bas
fixed: will release new version
08:39 Ticket #111 (Imported tickets using verbatim format have blank first line in description) closed by bas
fixed: will release new version
08:39 Ticket #95 (Items being dropped or indefinately que'd by mailman when email2trac ...) closed by bas
fixed: will release new version
08:39 Ticket #110 (Embedded images in emails) closed by bas
fixed: will release new version
08:35 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
08:31 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas


16:54 Changeset [245] by bas
16:24 Ticket #115 (Imported tickets have resolution set to fixed even though status is new) closed by planktr@…
fixed: Once the code was properly tweaked for Windows, the resolution is not …
16:07 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
16:05 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
16:03 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
16:01 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
15:59 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
15:53 Email2tracParse edited by bas
15:51 Email2tracParse created by bas
15:45 WikiStart edited by bas
15:07 Changeset [244] by bas
Preparing for new version
15:06 Changeset [243] by bas
15:02 Ticket #59 (are some of these config ints actually bools?) closed by bas
fixed: yes your are right, we will support more values
15:00 Ticket #92 (Possible to give examples of usage on the wiki?) closed by bas
fixed: fixed
14:59 Ticket #96 (QMail can't use sudo method in documentation) closed by bas
fixed: fixed
14:57 Ticket #100 (problems with ticket follow-up) closed by bas
fixed: did not receive any update
14:57 Ticket #102 (Can't update tickets from an email) closed by bas
fixed: did not receive a update
14:48 Changeset [242] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - closes #93, 110 problems with window attachements
14:43 Ticket #93 (Attachments are added to tickets, but are broken) closed by bas
duplicate: applied patch #110
14:20 Changeset [241] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - Ticket was not updated if we only changed the …
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