17:07 Changeset [266] by bas
New email2trac version 0.80
11:12 Changeset [265] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - removed duplicate code - rearrange some commemt code
09:55 Changeset [264] by bas
email2trac.py.in,: - fixed an unicode error debian/changelog: - is …
08:39 Ticket #112 (no notification for tickets which created by email although always_cc ...) closed by bas
08:09 Changeset [263] by bas
ChangeLog?: - preparing for new release 0.8
00:00 Milestone 0.80 completed
New version 0.80 has been released


16:48 Ticket #130 (ticket owner, version and milestone for new ticket) closed by bas
fixed: Functionality implemented in trunk version
16:47 Changeset [262] by bas
closes #130
16:42 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
09:19 Ticket #129 (Unable to modify tickets created by email) closed by bas
fixed: thanks for repporting


14:33 Ticket #131 (AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'collapse_rfc2231_value') closed by bas
fixed: Configure will fail if version is less then 2.4
14:32 Changeset [261] by bas
configure.in: - specify that we need at least python 2.4


17:29 Ticket #131 (AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'collapse_rfc2231_value') created by otto@…
Hi, i tried to install email2trac. But while trying […] i got …


15:38 Ticket #130 (ticket owner, version and milestone for new ticket) created by steve
Hi, great tool, thanks! Would it be possible to add functionality to …


13:47 Ticket #129 (Unable to modify tickets created by email) created by david@…
It seems that ticket is created with empty keywords beeing parsed. See …


14:44 Ticket #116 (email2trac to also serve blogs) closed by bas
14:43 Ticket #5 (Windows 2003 Installation) closed by bas
fixed: we now have a windows wiki page. So i close the ticket * …
14:37 Changeset [260] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - added FullBlogPlugin? support


15:32 Changeset [259] by bas
updated the changes
15:31 Ticket #107 (email2trac cant format email sent by postfix) closed by bas
15:30 Ticket #70 (Reactivate closed tickets if a new email pertaining to them is found) closed by bas
fixed: It is aopplied to the trunk and will be released in the new version
15:21 Ticket #123 (NameError: global name 'parameter' is not defined) closed by bas
15:18 Changeset [258] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - only enable workflow for 0.11


21:56 Ticket #122 (An new error) closed by bas
fixed: No reply
21:49 Ticket #128 (your ticketing system is broken) closed by bas
duplicate: Did you tried the suggestion in #126 and the spam trac plugin says it …
21:22 Ticket #128 (your ticketing system is broken) created by "Simon M. C. Butler" <simon@…>
[…] [[Image(...)]] […] …
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