03:55 Ticket #268 (tickets not created when recipient_list is not the first in the to-field) created by anonymous
I set only one account in the recipient_list. When the users sends an …


09:24 WikiStart edited by bas
09:14 Changeset [568] by bas
email2trac released 2.4.0, Voor Ma!


10:51 Changeset [567] by bas
change mime-type properties on Changelog
10:40 Changeset [566] by bas
preparing for new 2.4.0 release


10:55 Changeset [565] by bas
10:54 Changeset [564] by bas
Only use repr() in subject logging, still convert subject to unicode, …
10:06 Ticket #252 (Option to automatically add reporter to ticket cc field) closed by bas
10:05 Ticket #226 (More versatile workflow : compatibility with AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin) closed by bas
10:03 Ticket #247 (Fix for problem with long attachment's filenames on native language) closed by bas
10:00 Ticket #267 (Deadlock with "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode ...) closed by bas
fixed: (In [563]) fixed unicode error when printing subject line. Python …
10:00 Changeset [563] by bas
fixed unicode error when printing subject line. Python logging module …


09:59 WikiStart edited by bas
09:58 WikiStart edited by bas


22:03 Ticket #267 (Deadlock with "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode ...) created by hju@…
This error is back! It was reported and solved in Ticket #184 for …
12:29 Changeset [562] by bas
small rewrite
09:21 Changeset [561] by bas
converted all dry-run print statement to self.logger.info
09:20 Changeset [560] by bas
email2trac.conf: - updated to latest email2trac version. There where …
09:04 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
08:31 Changeset [559] by bas
removed some comments


15:01 Ticket #266 ('NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace') created by noc@…
$Id: email2trac.py.in 521 2011-06-06 08:56:45Z bas $ Ticket created …
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08:37 Changeset [558] by bas
reporter ticket field can also be changed by a workflow, see #226


13:39 Ticket #265 (Crash) closed by bas
12:54 Changeset [557] by bas
delete obsolete workflow code, see #226
11:40 Changeset [556] by bas
chamged workflow to TicketModule? implementation as suggested by: …


16:33 Changeset [555] by bas
rewrote save_email_for_debug. So no unicode problems and all files …
14:40 Ticket #265 (Crash) created by support@…
Hello email2trac. I observed a crash with email2trac, which I think …
13:44 WikiStart edited by bas
fixed error checking out svn source (diff)
13:42 Changeset [554] by bas
version 0.11, 0.12 and 0.13 have the same import statements.
12:38 Changeset [553] by bas
removed some obsolete code and some layout changes
11:52 Changeset [552] by bas
updated changelog


14:29 Changeset [551] by bas
adjusted doc string for check_filename_length
14:21 Changeset [550] by bas
fixed an error in check_filename_length must return 'None' if filename …
14:06 Changeset [549] by bas
added a check_filename_length function. This function will check if …
10:29 Changeset [548] by bas
email2trac can now handle large filenames, trac report an error, see #247


13:29 Changeset [547] by bas
adjusted email2trac help text
12:39 Changeset [546] by bas
renamed email2trac_workflow to mail_workflow and preparing for 2.4.0 …
12:18 Changeset [545] by bas
added email2trac_workflow function. So we now honor workflow for new …
10:29 Ticket #250 (Support for trac version 0.13) closed by bas
10:26 Changeset [544] by bas
new debian version


13:51 Changeset [543] by bas
comment permission check for workflow. Is already done and some minor …
12:32 Changeset [542] by bas
update debian version and update changelog
12:05 Ticket #186 (add optional cryptography related features) closed by bas
fixed: In newer versions of email2trac we now check if an user has permission …
11:48 Changeset [541] by bas
preparing email2trac for trac release 0.13, see #250
11:44 Changeset [540] by bas
preparing email2trac for trac 0.13 release, see #250
11:39 Ticket #262 (TypeError: iterable argument required) closed by bas
fixed: (In [539]) fixed check permission problem when PrivateTicketsPlugin? is …
11:39 Changeset [539] by bas
fixed check permission problem when PrivateTicketsPlugin? is installed, …
11:01 Changeset [538] by bas
email2trac only used the default workflow. We now use the ticket …


16:17 Ticket #263 (fetchmail and email2trac: run email2trac as www-data) closed by bas
fixed: Good to hear that everything is working for you In the source tree …
12:32 Changeset [537] by bas
forgot to save email2trac.py.in, see #264
12:31 Ticket #264 ([Patch] Workflow not identified if 'status' is in mixed case) closed by bas
fixed: (In [536]) fixed workflow problem when using mixed case chars, closes #264
12:31 Changeset [536] by bas
fixed workflow problem when using mixed case chars, closes #264
12:25 Ticket #239 ('Reply-to' links to invalid email addresses in some browsers) closed by bas
fixed: It now works for all browsers just tested.
12:13 Ticket #242 (Identifying reporter sometime fails with bi-case email addresses) closed by bas
12:08 Ticket #200 (email to trac xmlrpc) closed by bas
12:01 Ticket #256 (to env or not to env .. that is the question..) closed by bas
11:54 Ticket #255 (suggestion for change to Email2tracConfiguration) closed by bas
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