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After installation, edit email2trac.conf;; for your site. Most important parameter is project. below is a table which options there are with a short description and the default value:

NAME VALUE Description
project: /data/trac/jouvin REQUIRED
debug: 1 OPTIONAL, if set print some DEBUG info
spam_level: 4 OPTIONAL, if set check for SPAM mail
drop_spam: 0 OPTIONAL:, if set then reject mail marked as SPAM
reply_all: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then put all CC-addresses in ticket CC-field
umask: 022 OPTIONAL, Use this umask for saving attachments
mailto_link: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then [mailto:reporter] in description
mailto_cc: ticket@… OPTIONAL, Use ths address as CC in mailto line
ticket_update: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then check if this is an update for a ticket
email_header: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then show TO/CC fields in description
trac_version: 0.9 OPTIONAL. if set then use this as version number, default 0.10
alternate_notify_template a_ticket.css OPTIONAL if set then use this style sheet for notify
enable_syslog 1 OPTIONAL, if set log errors to syslog, note they are not mailed back to the reporter
verbatim_format 1 OPTIONAL, default: 1, if unset then do not use format: {{{ mail body text }}]
strip_signature 1 OPTIONAL, It will try to remove the user signature from the mail, default: 0
use_textwrap 70 OPTIONAL. It will wrap line longer then 70 chars. default: 0/off
[bas] OPTIONAL project declaration, also set project and use --project option
project: /data/trac/bas
spam_level: 2 Override DEFAULT spam_level, can also be done for other options


There are two configuration options to handle spam. Both options depend on the X-Spam-Score line in the message header. This line is set by a spam detecting program like SpamAssassin. It count the * in the X-Spam-Score line, eg:

spam_level: 4
drop_spam: 1   

This setup drops all email with Spam-score greater the 4. With this setting the email below is rejected:

From Tue Dec  5 12:47:04 2006
Subject: Test
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain;
List-Id: 8
X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.56 on
X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.51 on
X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.56 on
X-Spam-Score: ***************************** (29.334) BAYES_99,
        WEIRD_PORT, autolearn=spam

Ticket Update

If you have enabled 'ticket_update' in email2trac.conf then you have to choose one of these options to make it work:

  • This is the prefered one: Configure trac notification, eg:
          (ticket address:
          smtp_enabled = true
          smtp_always_cc =
          smtp_server = localhost
          smtp_from =
          always_notify_reporter = true

  • Use the mailto_cc and mailto_link in email2trac.conf. This will add a html mail to link in the description field. If you click on this link it will open the default mail program which will send an email to the reporter and Carbon COpy to the ticket address.

Formatting options

There are several options that control the behaviour of the format of a ticket. Below there is a brief explanation of the options:


Default this option is enabled. When mail is inserted in the trac ticket system the plain text is between {{{ ''body_text'' }}}. Then trac does not process the body_text. You can disable this option in email2trac.conf:

verbatim_format : 0


When enabled it will try to strip the signatures from the email. It scans the message for a -- line. All lines after this line will be skipped.

strip_signature : 1


When enabled it will break lines greater then the the number specified, eg:

use_textwrap : 40 


This is an example of a line that has more then 40 characters


This is an example of a line that has
more then 40 characters