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The email2trac package contains the following utilities:

Converts an email to ticket. Reads a config file email2trac.conf


Suid program that changes the MTA-user to the TRAC-user so that we can save attachments

A small program that deletes the SPAM tickets from the database


After installation, edit email2trac.conf for your site. Most important parameter is project.

NAME VALUE Explanation
project: /data/trac/jouvin REQUIRED
debug: 1 OPTIONAL, if set print some DEBUG info
spam_level: 4 OPTIONAL, if set check for SPAM mail
drop_spam: 0 OPTIONAL:, if set then reject mail marked as SPAM
reply_all: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then put all CC-addresses in ticket CC-field
umask: 022 OPTIONAL, Use this umask for saving attachments
mailto_link: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then [mailto:CC] in description
mailto_cc: ticket@… OPTIONAL, Use ths address as CC in mailto line
ticket_update: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then check if this is an update for a ticket
email_header: 1 OPTIONAL, if set then show TO/CC fields in description
trac_version: 0.9 OPTIONAL. if set then use this as version number, default 0.9
alternate_notify_template a_ticket.css OPTIONAL if set then use this style sheet for notify
enable_syslog 1 OPTIONAL, if set log errors to syslog, note they are not mailed back to the reporter
[bas] OPTIONAL project declaration, also set project and use --project option
project: /data/trac/bas
spam_level: 2 Override DEFAULT spam_level, can also be done for other options

If you have enabled 'ticket_update' in email2trac.conf then you have to choose one of this options to make it work:

  • Configure trac notification, eg:
          (ticket address:
          smtp_enabled = true
          smtp_always_cc =
          smtp_server = localhost
          smtp_from =
          always_notify_reporter = true
  • Use the mailto_cc in email2trac.conf if you want to send an email to the ticket email address.