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=First get the latest stable source of the package from:

Then unpack the package. There are 3 methods to build the package:

  • No package manager, builds default for /usr/local
    ./configure (see --help)
        default values for:
           prefix=/usr/local        --> --prefix=<path>
           exec_prefix=$prefix/bin  --> --exec_prefix=<path>
           sysconfdir=$prefix/etc   --> --sysconfdir=<path>
           MTA_USER=nobody          --> --with-mta_user=<name>
           TRAC_USER=www-data       --> --with-trac_user=<name>
    make install
  • Debian package:
    debian/rules binary
    dpkg -i ../email2trac_<version>.deb
  • RPM package
    cp email2trac.tar.gz /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
    rpmbuild -ba email2trac.spec

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