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First get the latest stable source of the package from:


The email2trac package contains the following utilities:


Converts an email to ticket. Reads a config file email2trac.conf


Suid program that changes the MTA-user to the TRAC-user so that we can save attachments


A small program that deletes the SPAM tickets from the database


Configuration file to set the behavior for email2trac.

Build process

Warning Icon Image Pay attention to the MTA_USER and TRAC_USER, they are not something you can ignore! The default are for MTA (postfix) and TRAC_USER (www-data=apache2)

Unpack the tarball. There are several methods to build the package.

No package manager

The configure script build default is /usr/local

./configure (see --help)
    default values for:
       prefix=/usr/local        --> --prefix=<path>
       exec_prefix=$prefix/bin  --> --exec_prefix=<path>
       sysconfdir=$prefix/etc   --> --sysconfdir=<path>
       MTA_USER=nobody          --> --with-mta_user=<name>
       TRAC_USER=www-data       --> --with-trac_user=<name>
       virtualenv=''            --> --with-virtualenv=<path> (only for version >= 2.7.0)
make install

If you want the python scripts to be included in the buildprocess add --enable-python

Debian package

debian/rules binary
dpkg -i ../email2trac_<version>.deb

Warning Icon Image It uses the defaults settings for MTA_USER and TRAC_USERS as mentioned above, this does not work on Ubuntu! See Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Missing run_email2trac , #263

Note: The debian build sets the virtualenv path default to: /data/virtualenvs/data. It can be overridden by the specifying the -e|--virtualenv <path> flag for email2trac/run_email2trac.

Here is an example:

tar -xzvf email2trac.tar.gz
cd email2trac-1.6.0/
#Now we need to install required packages to build the .deb file
aptitude install build-essential
aptitude install cdbs chrpath
dpkg-buildpackage -B

#Read the output and if everything went ok the folder should have .deb file. 
cd ../
dpkg -i email2trac_1.6.0-4_amd64.deb

RPM package

cp email2trac.tar.gz /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
rpmbuild -ba email2trac.spec
  • RPM package instructions seem incomplete. The above didn't work for me, I had to do the following (as root or using sudo). There may be an alternative way of setting TRAC_USER and MTA_USER than the one below but I couldn't find it. It's a shame it doesn't pull it from the config file. - Tolan Blundell slight_ at hotmail dot com.
    tar zxvf email2trac.tar.gz
    rm email2trac.tar.gz
    // Edit lines 37 and 51 of to alter the TRAC_USER and MTA_USER variables.
    mv  email2trac-0.13  email2trac-0.13.0
    tar zcvf email2trac.tar.gz  email2trac-0.13.0
    cp -R email2trac-0.13.0/ /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
    cp -R email2trac.tar.gz /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
    cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
    rpmbuild -ba email2trac-0.13/email2trac.spec
  • for email2trac-0.40.tar.gz
    • change "Version: 0.40.0" to "Version: 0.40" in email2trac.spec.
  • Finally, install the RPM package that you just built. Find the "Wrote: /path/to/rpm/email2trac-?.rpm" line from the log of the build process immediately above and use that in "yum install"
    yum install /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/i386/email2trac-2.1.0-1.i386.rpm


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