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     3= Mail server configuration =
     7It depends on your MTA how the setup is. For Sendmail and Postfix, the procedure is the same :
     8 * Edit your alias definition file (default : /etc/aliases for Postfix,
     9   /etc/mail/aliases for Sendmail) and add one line per project/component you
     10   want to allow ticket submission from email to. For each alias, you can
     11   specify option --project. This option selects a configuration stanza in the
     12   config file and ''--component'' to specify a component other than the
     13   default component for the project. Line must have the following format :
     15     tracproj: |/usr/bin/run_email2trac [--project=<name>] [--component=<component>]
     18  * Update your alias database with command ''newaliases''
     19  * Test with a command like :
     21     mail tracproj < msg.txt
     23  * if mail fails you can also check if it is an email setup error or a trac-setup error, test it with the following command:
     25email2trac --project=tracproj < msg.txt
     26if this is okay then it is an email setup error
     29=== Note for postfix ===
     31{{{run_email2trac}}} is totally unnecessary for Postfix. You can run a delivery command as any user just by placing the aliases in a separate file and {{{chown}}}ing that aliases file to the user you want the delivery to run as. Then you run {{{postalias /path/to/aliases}}}, which will create {{{/path/to/aliases.db}}}, and you then just add {{{hash:/path/to/aliases}}} to the {{{alias_maps}}} config variable in {{{}}}.
     33The only caveat is that the user who owns the separate aliases file needs to have write perms to the directory that it's stored in (which rules out putting it in {{{/etc/postfix}}} unless you're nuts) 
     36=== Note for Sendmail ===
     37This is a message from emailtotrac tickets archive:
     39Sendmail limits the executables that can be run via aliases to those in a
     40special directory, and runs them using a restricted shell called smrsh.
     41On RH, the default location for the allowed programs is /etc/smrsh.
     43I tried both a link in that dir to the run_email2trac file and a little
     44shell script that simply calls run_email2trac and passes the params. Both
     45should work, but neither did yet. Majordomo works the same way, and it
     46set up on the machine already so I'll check on that later today.
     48I found a pretty good walk-through of the problem/solution at
     51Well, I was in fact doing the right thing. Here's all the steps to follow
     52post make install
     54ln -s /usr/local/bin/run_email2trac /etc/smrsh/run_email2trac
     56in aliases use:
     58"|run_email2trac -project=bas"
     60Note: Include the quotes, they are necessary. That got me past the
     61sendmail problem. No ticket appeared in the project, but I'll look into
     62that next. Is there a log generated anywhere?