source: branches/1.0/debian/jobmonarch-jobmond.default

Last change on this file was 919, checked in by ramonb, 10 years ago


  • removed install of Debian init.d, default file
  • first install .conf files and make sure DESTDIR/etc exists


  • set DESTDIR as variable for all other dh_ calls
  • no longer need to override dh_install

pkg/deb/default/jobmond -> debian/jobmonarch-jobmond.default : moved
pkg/deb/init.d/jobmond -> debian/jobmonarch-jobmond.init : moved
pkg/deb/default/jobarchived -> debian/jobmonarch-jobarchived.default : moved
pkg/deb/init.d/jobarchived -> debian/jobmonarch-jobarchived.init : moved

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