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#4 multiple batch system support: multiple jobmond's in 1 Ganglia cluster can give blank output new ramonb normal 2.1x-tbd general
#14 universal database handling new ramonb normal 2.1x-tbd jobarchived
#16 incremental/diff based job reporting new ramonb normal 2.1x-tbd general
#41 option to display GECOS field instead of username new sil normal 1.2 jobmond
#47 use AJAX enabled webcode assigned ramonb normal 2.0 web
#63 report/detect number of nodes in batch new sil normal 1.2 web
#174 backport 1.1 performance improvements to 2.0 assigned ramonb normal 2.0 general
#61 add summary graphs in cluster overview for selected jobs assigned ramonb minor 2.1x-tbd web
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