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#26 fixed stop_timestamp is not correct when only one job run. bastiaans alexis.michon@…

When a job run alone on the cluster, stop_timestamp save in the database isn't correct.

Same job on the same cluster has a correct stop_timestamp when there is at least one other job running at the same time.

#27 fixed wrong display in web frontend bastiaans alexis.michon@…

When we set $COLUMN_NODES to 1 in conf.php, the column node (in the web frontend) isn't filled correctly. In search.php, the variable which contains the nodes is not reset between each iteration and the first job is displayed with 1 node, the second with two, the third with three, etc...

Patch is attached

#29 fixed Detailed informations on an old job bastiaans alexis.michon@…

On this page :

When i click on the graph at the bottom, i go to the joblist page instead of going to the details page for the time period of selected job.

All lines which speak of host in search.php are commented, that's normal? Uncomment these lines solves the problem.

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