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#76 worksforme jobarchived does not change status to "F" ramonb j.kasiak@…

Jobarchived does not update a jobs status to "F" once it finishes. Jobmond runs on the head node. gmetad runs on a seperate box. I've narrowed down the problem: when I do on my gmetad box

telnet -l ganglia localhost 8651 | grep -i monarch | grep -i 23055

<METRIC NAME="MONARCH-JOB-23055-0" VAL="status=R start_timestamp=1269222985 name=STDIN poll_interval=30 queue=batch reported=1269223164 requested_time=100:00:00 queued_timestamp=1269222984 owner=user1 nodes=p340050" TYPE="string" UNITS="" TN="442" TMAX="60" DMAX="0" SLOPE="both" SOURCE="gmond"> Connection closed by foreign host.

The job is still there!!! Only a restart of gmetad clears this. This is a problem, since jobarchived parses this xml file and puts this node in an array of active nodes, and never gets to set the job_status to "F".

How can I fix this? Thanks, Jan

#75 fixed create a proper debian/ directory and .spec file olahaye pk@…


the usual Debian way for packages is to have a debian/ directory with all the meta information included. I'd like to convert the current mechanism (make deb) to the debian way (dpkg-buildpackage). I have done this for many other packages already so I know I can do it here as well. But before I do, I'd like to know:

  • is there already someone working on this?
  • are you interested in it and want to merge it with your tree when it's finished?



#74 fixed Error while trying to run jobmond somebody lari.lloret@…

When trying to run /usr/local/sbin/ -c /etc/jobmond.conf I get the following message:

[root@hostname ganglia_jobmonarch-0.3.1]# /usr/local/sbin/ -c /etc/jobmond.conf Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/local/sbin/", line 1162, in ?


File "/usr/local/sbin/", line 1116, in main

if not processArgs( sys.argv[1:] ):

File "/usr/local/sbin/", line 92, in processArgs

return loadConfig( config_filename )

File "/usr/local/sbin/", line 137, in loadConfig


File "/usr/lib64/python2.3/", line 315, in getint

return self._get(section, int, option)

File "/usr/lib64/python2.3/", line 312, in _get

return conv(self.get(section, option))

ValueError?: invalid literal for int(): 1

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