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#69 wontfix Job information leaking over from one Ganglia cluster to another when clusters are in the same PBS queue ramonb renfro@…

At one time, I had many Torque queues: one for each group of homogeneous systems. Since I couldn't rely on my users to consistently check qstat, showq, or Ganglia before submitting a job to an queue with free CPUs rather than a queue with none, I converted my Torque settings to put all cluster systems into one queue, and use Maui partitions to keep parallel jobs on a group of homogeneous systems. This has worked out great as far as queue efficiency is concerned.

Now that I'm getting Job Monarch integrated into the setup, I've noticed that active jobs in my batch queue show up in all cluster joblists and overviews, even when that particular cluster has no active jobs on its nodes. I'll try to attach screenshots, but if my users still have jobs running when you read this ticket, you can see for yourself on the live server:

Ganglia knows, for example, that "ChE Compute Nodes" has 9 systems in it named ch226-11 ... ch226-19. Monarch displays those, but also displays ch226-29 and ch226-31 from the "PNGV Project Compute Nodes" cluster that had active jobs. Any cluster view where Monarch was enabled had this effect.

#68 fixed [PATCH] Reduce the php notices a little ramonb felix@…

Running jobmonarch gave me hundreds of warnings like:

[Wed Nov 05 20:58:56 2008] [error] [client] PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant VAL - assumed 'VAL' in /var/www/html/ganglia/addons/job_monarch/overview.php on line 294

This is fixed with attached patch.

#67 fixed small patch to get lsf support working ramonb felix@…

I had to patch jobmonarch as follows to get it to work with LSF (lava):

[root@master52 jobmonarch]# svn diff
Index: jobmond/
--- jobmond/  (revision 556)
+++ jobmond/  (working copy)
@@ -717,7 +717,14 @@

                 if my_val_str:

-                       my_val_str = my_val_str + ' ' + val_name + '=' + val_value
+                       if type(val_value) != list:
+                               my_val_str = my_val_str + ' ' + val_name + '=' + val_value
+                       else:
+                               my_val_str = my_val_str + ' ' + val_name + '= '
                        my_val_str = val_name + '=' + val_value

@@ -1147,6 +1154,7 @@
                         if requested_cpus == None or requested_cpus == "":
                                 requested_cpus = 1

+               display_queue = 1
                if QUEUE:
                 for q in QUEUE:
                        if q == queue:

I am using ganglia 3.0.7 and Python 2.4.3

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