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#19 fixed sort by hostnames in clusterimage bastiaans bastiaans

long time wish to sort by (ganglia) location.

next best thing is by parsing the hostname for x, y values

#20 fixed allow web configuration settings on a per-cluster basis bastiaans bastiaans

allow admins to set certain settings only for a particular cluster.

#23 fixed implement native gmetric support bastiaans bastiaans

Nick Galbreath created a 100% python native gmetric module:

It does not require a C module, swig, nothing.

Hi Ramon,

correct, the python code is one file and "does it all" without any dependencies.  No C, No Swig, No non-standard modules.

Take a peek
that's really all it is.

The main difference between my code and the official gmetric is that my code only will send metrics to  ONE mutlicast or  ONE udp port.  official gmetric reads in the gmond.conf file and can send metrics to multiple ports with multiple protocols at once.  But I think 99% of the ganglia installs just sends data to 1 port.

Feel free to package it up however you like.  Its the MIT license, which just says "Don't sue me if it blows up, and preserve the copyright notice"   If you need a different license let me know ( but MIT has is least restrictive).

have fun!


Need to implement this ASAP, as I think this will speed up jobmond quite a bit and make it more flexible.

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