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#71 fixed job array support somebody ramonb

Thanks to Stijn De Weirdt from University Gent for discovering this:

Add support for Torque job arrays to Job Monarch.

A job array is currently displayed as only 1 job and causes massive memory usage by jobmond

#72 worksforme jobmond memory leak ramonb ramonb

At least in version 0.3.1 there is a memory leak present in jobmond.

Have now received multiple reports of jobmond consuming multiple gigabytes of memory after a while.

#73 invalid use different graph frontend somebody ramonb


  • Use different graph frontend
  • while still using RRDs as backend

This way it should be possible to generate much nicer graphs, like Cacti does for example.


  • value retrieval
  • rrd fetch
  • rrd dump (to XML)
  • convert/parse
  • graph creation
  • pChart graphics CSV data import
  • google chart API: seems ugly to me tbh
  • jpGraph: no (more) support for (older) PHP4

I would prefer pChart and rrd dump. Could in theory easily write a XML Handler for rrd dump and output it as CSV for pChart. I think. ;)

Obviously this would be for the web 2.0 interface only.

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