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#175 fixed conf.php file missing or misplaced somebody keberflores@…

I've read in the point 2. of web subsection of configuration section in the readme file, that changes to /var/www/ganglia/addons/job_monarch/conf.php should be made to reflect own settings, but this file doesn't exists.

In 1.0 the file exists in web/addons/job_monarch/conf.php, In 1.1 and 1.1.1 the file doesn't exists in that location, but in web/

maybe the file should be relocated/renamed, or the install instructions be updated.

#75 fixed create a proper debian/ directory and .spec file olahaye pk@…


the usual Debian way for packages is to have a debian/ directory with all the meta information included. I'd like to convert the current mechanism (make deb) to the debian way (dpkg-buildpackage). I have done this for many other packages already so I know I can do it here as well. But before I do, I'd like to know:

  • is there already someone working on this?
  • are you interested in it and want to merge it with your tree when it's finished?



#142 fixed Current version of deb package does not work with new pbs_python somebody bas

The current interface for PBSQuery has been changed in pbs_python version 4.x and is incompatible with old one. So or you have to add:


after the PBSQuery() function or port it to the new data structure. The function old_data_structure() will be deprecated in a feature release

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