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#162 fixed SLURM support ramonb ramonb

Would be nice to have SLURM support in jobmond

#164 fixed job archive database housekeeping at intervals ramonb ramonb

when jobarchived is started, a check is performed for any stale or out dated information in the database. For example jobs whose ( start time + requested time ) > current time. Those jobs are then 'closed' in the database.

This can happen when jobs started running while jobarchived is running, but finished when jobarchived was no longer running.

Theoretically this can still occur while jobarchived has not been stopped, but if for example jobmond has stopped running.

The housekeeping checks done at startup of jobarchived should also be performed at an regular interval, to prevent any dummy information in the database. This only becomes an issue for very big systems and after long periods.

#165 fixed offline/down nodes not marked in cluster image ramonb ramonb

seems a old bug has resurfaced: down/offline nodes are no longer (correctly) reported

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