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#66 invalid pChart dependency is mentioned nowhere somebody felix@…

As far as I can see r527 introduced a dependency to pChart, but this does not seem to be mentioned in Installation or Requirements documents...

#73 invalid use different graph frontend somebody ramonb


  • Use different graph frontend
  • while still using RRDs as backend

This way it should be possible to generate much nicer graphs, like Cacti does for example.


  • value retrieval
  • rrd fetch
  • rrd dump (to XML)
  • convert/parse
  • graph creation
  • pChart graphics CSV data import
  • google chart API: seems ugly to me tbh
  • jpGraph: no (more) support for (older) PHP4

I would prefer pChart and rrd dump. Could in theory easily write a XML Handler for rrd dump and output it as CSV for pChart. I think. ;)

Obviously this would be for the web 2.0 interface only.

#78 invalid jobmonarch data not showing up in ganglia stream somebody jsarlo@…

We had a network issue on our cluster this morning where the frontend couldn't get to any of the nodes. We have that fixed and ganglia is showing all information, but jobmonarch data is not showing up anymore. Nothing should have changed that I can figure out. When I do telnet localhost 8649, nothing for jobmonarch shows up. If I change the jobmond.conf to have debug 10 and not run as daemon, it shows the information, but still nothing in telnet localhost 8649. I can't figure out what might have this messed up.

Any ideas on what to try?

Thanks. Jeff

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