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Version 0.3 RELEASED!

Version 0.3 of Ganglia Job Monarch has been released!

This is a summary of the most important new changes/fixes:


  • ClusterImage? node location (x,y) parsing from hostname, see UPGRADE

for more info

  • ClusterImage? nodes are now clickable to display only jobs from that node
  • ClusterImage? nodes now display a tooltip
  • per cluster settings for SQL Database and ClusterImage? configuration
  • graph on the amount of running and queued jobs
  • archive details now properly displayed
  • archive now also functional when getmad is unavailable


  • native gmetric support, significantly increasing performance!
  • syslog support
  • no longer hangs and consume 100% cpu in certain situations


  • py-rrdtool module support, significantly increasing performance!
  • jobarchived no longer hangs and starts lots of threads when data

source unavailable

  • stop_timestamp is now correctly set when a job has finished


  • SGE (Sun Grid Engine) batch support removed (broken)
  • some PHP compatibility fixes
  • misc. other bugfixes and optimizations

For a full changelog go here:

For notes on upgrading go here:



Packages - DEB:

Packages - RPM:


Nick Galbreath:

  • native gmetric support

Alexis Michon:

  • lots of patches and testing:

Peter Kuse, Craig West, Mickael Gastineau, Bas van der Vlies:

  • patches and bug reporting

And all others that have contributed or reported bugs!