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Version 0.3.1 RELEASED!

Version 0.3.1 of Ganglia Job Monarch has been released!

This release has the following changes:


  • fixed a typo that caused erroneous free cpu count and similar errors
  • fixed domain detection code
  • now properly detects whether or not to use FQDNs or short hostnames w/o domain

rpm), docs)

  • add 'addons' dir if needed: not included in Ganglia by default anymore
  • properly rewrite WEBDIR in %files for webfrontend RPM if built with alternate path


  • catch postgres exception

For a full changelog go here:



Packages - DEB:

Packages - RPM:


Jeffrey Sarlo, Craig West:

  • testing and reporting bugs

SPECIAL THANKS to the University of Houston for sending me a shirt!

And all others that have contributed or reported bugs!