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This page contains some (much) needed improvements and thoughts for the development team.


  • web
    • standalone webfrontend
      • 'unplug' from ganglia/addons/ dir?
      • main page/cluster selector
    • AJAX frontend
      • job preview pane support: use Grid data binding in Ext
      • archive support
        • archive search window
        • perhaps reuse existing job grid: make it a toggle button
        • try to reuse the same JS code/objects
      • better general graphs support
        • dont display RJ/QJ graph if jobmond not reporting it
      • runningtime: 'live' running clock: reloading no longer needed
    • PHP backend
      • speed up jobstore.php, 1000+ jobs decreases speed significantly
        • possible optimisations: use gmetad interactive port, only grab selected cluster XML
  • jobarchived overhaul
    • support for multiple database backends #14
  • jobmond
    • change polling/updating to use gmetric lifetime: i.e. poll/submit every 60 secs = gmetric with 61 seconds lifetime
    • support GECOS field #41
    • multiple batch systems per cluster #4
    • incremental reporting? requires some sort of stateful protocol perhaps #16
    • rename process argv0 to name daemon
  • Ganglia 3.1 support
    • allow jobmond to run as a gmond module
    • rewrite embedded gmetric to new protocol
    • backwards compatible ? or require 3.1
  • packaging
    • build ExtJS library to only contain the objects we need: saves space and possibly speeds up web
    • proper .spec and/or debian pkg files? #75

Enhancement wishlist

  • use SQLAlchemy for python database access to allow multiple database types