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Prior to installing the software make sure you meet the necessary requirements as mentioned above.

NOTE: You can choose to install to other path/directories if your setup is different.


  1. Copy
    cp jobmond/ /usr/local/sbin/
  2. Copy jobmond.conf
    cp jobmond/jobmond.conf /etc/jobmond.conf


  1. Create a Postgres SQL database for jobarchived
    createdb jobarchive
  2. Setup jobarchived's tables
    psql -f jobarchived/job_dbase.sql jobarchive
  3. Copy jobarchived/jobarchived.conf
    cp jobarchived/jobarchived.conf /etc/jobarchived.conf
  4. Copy
    cp jobarchived/ /usr/local/sbin/


  1. Copy the Job Monarch Template to your Ganglia installation
    cp -a web/templates/job_monarch /var/www/ganglia/templates
  2. Copy the web interface files to the addon directory in Ganglia
    mkdir /var/www/ganglia/addons
    cp -a web/addons/job_monarch /var/www/ganglia/addons