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Welcome to Job Monarch!

Job Monarch is an addon to the Ganglia Monitoring System that provides (batch) job monitoring and graphical overview of clusters and assorted batch systems. Monarch is an abbreviation for Monitoring and Archiving, as Monarch also provides the ability to archive these job (monitoring) statistics so that your (batch) cluster users may lookup job information of old (and possibly failed) jobs to analyze possible problems.


Source code

You can browse the current code here:

  • tags/ -- latest release (stable)
  • trunk/ -- development (non-stable)

Or you can check out code through subversion:

  • svn co -- latest release (stable)
  • svn co -- development (non-stable)

Of course you can also grab the tarball from our ftp site:

Report bugs

You can create tickets and/or submit patches in our ticket system:

Working example preview

You can see a working preview/example here: