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Welcome to Job Monarch!

Job Monarch is an addon to the Ganglia Monitoring System that provides (batch) job monitoring and graphical overview of clusters and assorted batch systems. Monarch is an abbreviation for Monitoring and Archiving, as Monarch also provides the ability to archive these job (monitoring) statistics so that your (batch) cluster users may lookup job information of old (and possibly failed) jobs to analyze possible problems.


Job Monarch stands for 'Job Monitoring and Archiving' tool and consists of three (3) components:


The Job Monitoring Daemon.

Gathers PBS/Torque batch statistics on jobs/nodes and submits them into Ganglia's XML stream.

Through this daemon, users are able to view the PBS/Torque batch system and the jobs/nodes that are in it (be it either running or queued).

jobarchived (optionally)

The Job Archiving Daemon.

Listens to Ganglia's XML stream and archives the job and node statistics. It stores the job statistics in a Postgres SQL database and the node statistics in RRD files.

Through this daemon, users are able to lookup a old/finished job and view all it's statistics.

Optionally: You can either choose to use this daemon if your users have use for it. As it can be a heavy application to run and not everyone may have a need for it.

  • Key features
    • Multithreaded
      Will not miss any data regardless of (slow) storage
    • Staged writing
      Spread load over bigger time periods
    • High precision RRDs
      Allow for zooming on old periods with large precision
    • Timeperiod RRDs
      Allow for smaller number of files while still keeping advantage of small disk space


The Job Monarch web interface.

This interfaces with the jobmond data and (optionally) the jobarchived and presents the data and graphs.

It does this in a similar layout/setup as Ganglia itself, so the navigation and usage is intuitive.

  • Key features
    • Graphical usage
      Displays graphical cluster overview so you can see the cluster (job) state in one view/image and additional pie chart with relevant information on your current view
    • Filters
      Ability to filter output to limit information displayed (usefull for those clusters with 500+ jobs). This also filters the graphical overview images output and pie chart so you only see the filter relevant data
    • Archive
      When enabling jobarchived, users can go back as far as recorded in the database or archived RRDs to find out what happened to a crashed or old job
    • Zoom ability
      Users can zoom into a timepriod as small as the smallest grain of the RRDS (typically up to 10 seconds) when a jobarchived is present


  • Python 2.3 or higher





Source code

You can browse the current code here:

  • tags/ -- releases (stable)
  • trunk/ -- current development (non-stable)

Or you can check out code through subversion:

  • svn co -- releases (stable)
  • svn co -- current development (non-stable)

Of course you can also grab the tarball from our ftp site:

Report bugs

You can create tickets and/or submit patches in our ticket system:

Working example preview

You can see a working preview/example here: