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Converting procedure for OMSA

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Hello all,

First let me introduce myself, my name is Vladimir and I am a Systems Administrator at a local Datacenter. I am currently using knoppix + your 6.0 OMSA package and I've ran into a few issues on our servers. It appears new chassis type like R410, R710 have a new DRAC card and the current version of OMSA doesnt work with it very well... It would really help me a lot of you could explain the conversion procedure that you are using to get the final .deb file.

From what I have so far is all binaries are extracted from .rpm's using alien, however im not exactly sure how your scripts are created.

Thanks for your time.

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First, thanks so much for creating the Debian packages of OMSA! Your work helped a lot!

Since Dell supports Ubuntu now, you've stopped developing the Debian packages, Ok. But the Ubuntu packages are not quite compatible to it's origin, Debian (Lenny, Squeeze)..

Is there any chance that you guys release a howto about how you've created the Debian packages in the first place?

I've got stuck in the translation like my foreposter Vlad did. I'd appreciate it much if you would post a howto.

The Dell Ubuntu packages ask for too much unmet dependencies on Debian systems, e.g for virtuals that do not exist in Debian.

Thanks in advance!

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