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No storage controller

When omreport storage controller reports:

No controllers found

This maybe a solution:

modprobe mptctl

has to executed before /etc/init.d/dataeng starts.
Rainer Sabelka sabelka add iue dot tuwien dot ac dot at>

Another solution:

# make sure /sys is mounted
mount -t sysfs sys /sys
/etc/init.d/dataeng restart

IWS Webserver

The IWS webserver enables you to read the same information that the omreport command supplies in a nice web interface. You can start IWS from the /etc/init.d directory, currently we don't support automatic startup.

Now the web interface should work (tested on Lenny/etch release). Start it with

/etc/init.d/dsm_om_connsvc start

or have it started automatically on system startup with

update-rc.d dsm_om_connsvc defaults

To access the web interface, surf to


. You might have to add an exception for the security certificate, depending on your browser settings.

Note for amd64

This is from the email list. You must install lib32 pam modules:


If you have the debian package from[1]
and wants to have the webserver works on amd64 servers, you probably
wants this to make it works change :

/lib/security path to /lib32/security in /etc/pam.d/omauth

and copy from a etch 32 bits install theses files :


to /lib32 of your amd64 servers.

after a ldconfig you should be able to pam login.

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