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OMSA 2 deb

The Sara OMSA Debian/Ubuntu? package is a recreation of the Dell Open Manage Server Administrator package suit. From the Dell rpm packages we created one Deb based package suitable for most Debian/Ubuntu? systems.

For now we have two release:

  1. 5.5.0 works on debian distributions etch and higher, tested on 1850, 1950 and m600
  2. 6.0.1 works in debian distributions lenny and higher, tested on 1850, 1950, m600 and m610

Obtaining OMSA

Download the package from:

version 5

version 6

Debian setup

The archive is signed to add the public key to your own server

apt-key add debian_sara.asc


wget -O - | apt-key add  -

Add to /etc/apt/sources.list:

  • for version 5:
    deb dell sara 
  • for version 6:
    deb dell6 sara 

Install the package:

apt-get update
apt-get install dellomsa


Problems and Enhancements

If you encounter any problems or have a request for an enhancement create a new ticket


Authors: Bas van der Vlies, Jaap Dijkshoorn, Sander Keemink