source: devel/5.X/pbs_error_db.h

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use the standard error file from pbs

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1/** @file This file contains the database of PBS error ids and messages
5* Add new error:
6*  - choose the appropriate section (client errors, rm errors)
7*  - add new line before the ceiling, the error will be automatically numbered
9* Remove error:
10*  - rewrite the error into a gap (PBSE_GAPxxx or PBSE_RMGAPxxx) with (char*)0
11*    as text part (see PBSE_GAP017 for example)
13* Add new category:
14*  - use the same structure for the new category
15*  - create new name PbsErrSomething
16*  - don't forget the ceiling and floor (and don't forget to give floor a value)
17*  - create respective generators in pbs_error.h and pbs_messages.c
19* @see pbs_error.h and pbs_messages.c for additional info
21* @note NULL strings should be (const char*)0, but that is not possible right now
24#ifdef PbsErrClient
25/* 15000 */
26/* pbs client errors floor (min_client_err - 1) */
27PbsErrClient(PBSE_FLOOR = 15000,     (char *)"no error") /* also works as no error */
28/* Unknown Job Identifier */
29PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKJOBID,          (char *)"Unknown Job Id Error")
30/* Undefined Attribute */
31PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOATTR,            (char *)"Undefined attribute ")
32/* attempt to set READ ONLY attribute */
33PbsErrClient(PBSE_ATTRRO,            (char *)"Cannot set attribute, read only or insufficient permission ")
34/* Invalid request */
35PbsErrClient(PBSE_IVALREQ,           (char *)"Invalid request")
36/* Unknown batch request */
37PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKREQ,            (char *)"Unknown request")
38/* Too many submit retries */
39PbsErrClient(PBSE_TOOMANY,           (char *)"Too many submit retries")
40/* No permission */
41PbsErrClient(PBSE_PERM,              (char *)"Unauthorized Request ")
42/* pbs_iff not found */
43PbsErrClient(PBSE_IFF_NOT_FOUND,     (char *)"trqauthd unable to authenticate. User or PID of calling process not found or does not match")
44/* munge not found */
45PbsErrClient(PBSE_MUNGE_NOT_FOUND,   (char *)"munge executable not found, unable to authenticate")
46/* 15010 */
47/* access from host not allowed */
48PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADHOST,           (char *)"Access from host not allowed, or unknown host")
49/* job already exists */
50PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOBEXIST,          (char *)"Job with requested ID already exists")
51/* system error occurred */
52PbsErrClient(PBSE_SYSTEM,            (char *)" System error: ")
53/* internal server error occurred */
54PbsErrClient(PBSE_INTERNAL,          (char *)"PBS server internal error")
55/* parent job of dependent in rte que */
56PbsErrClient(PBSE_REGROUTE,          (char *)"Dependent parent job currently in routing queue")
57/* unknown signal name */
58PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKSIG,            (char *)"Unknown/illegal signal name")
59/* bad attribute value */
60PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADATVAL,          (char *)"Illegal attribute or resource value for ")
61/* Cannot modify attrib in run state */
62PbsErrClient(PBSE_MODATRRUN,         (char *)"Cannot modify attribute while job running ")
63/* request invalid for job state */
64PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADSTATE,          (char *)"Request invalid for state of job")
65/* gap filler */
66PbsErrClient(PBSE_GAP017,            (char*)0)
67/* 15020 */
68/* Unknown queue name */
69PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKQUE,            (char *)"Unknown queue")
70/* Invalid Credential in request */
71PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADCRED,           (char *)"Invalid credential")
72/* Expired Credential in request */
73PbsErrClient(PBSE_EXPIRED,           (char *)"Expired credential")
74/* Queue not enabled */
75PbsErrClient(PBSE_QUNOENB,           (char *)"Queue is not enabled")
76/* No access permission for queue */
77PbsErrClient(PBSE_QACESS,            (char *)"Access to queue is denied")
78/* Bad user - no password entry */
79PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADUSER,           (char *)"Bad UID for job execution")
80/* Max hop count exceeded */
81PbsErrClient(PBSE_HOPCOUNT,          (char *)"Job routing over too many hops")
82/* Queue already exists */
83PbsErrClient(PBSE_QUEEXIST,          (char *)"Queue already exists")
84/* incompatable queue attribute type */
85PbsErrClient(PBSE_ATTRTYPE,          (char *)"Incompatible type")
86/* Queue Busy (not empty) */
87PbsErrClient(PBSE_QUEBUSY,           (char *)"Cannot delete busy queue")
88/* 15030 */
89/* Queue name too long */
90PbsErrClient(PBSE_QUENBIG,           (char *)"Queue name too long")
91/* Feature/function not supported */
92PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOSUP,             (char *)"No support for requested service")
93/* Cannot enable queue,needs add def */
94PbsErrClient(PBSE_QUENOEN,           (char *)"Cannot enable queue, incomplete definition")
95/* Protocol error */
96PbsErrClient(PBSE_PROTOCOL,          (char *)"Batch protocol error")
97/* Bad attribute list structure */
98PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADATLST,          (char *)"Bad attribute list structure")
99/* No free connections */
100PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOCONNECTS,        (char *)"No free connections")
101/* No server to connect to */
102PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOSERVER,          (char *)"No server specified")
103/* Unknown resource */
104PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKRESC,           (char *)"Unknown resource type ")
105/* Job exceeds Queue resource limits */
106PbsErrClient(PBSE_EXCQRESC,          (char *)"Job exceeds queue resource limits")
107/* No Default Queue Defined */
108PbsErrClient(PBSE_QUENODFLT,         (char *)"No default queue specified")
109/* 15040 */
110/* Job Not Rerunnable */
111PbsErrClient(PBSE_NORERUN,           (char *)"job is not rerunnable")
112/* Route rejected by all destinations */
113PbsErrClient(PBSE_ROUTEREJ,          (char *)"Job rejected by all possible destinations (check syntax, queue resources, ...)")
114/* Time in Route Queue Expired */
115PbsErrClient(PBSE_ROUTEEXPD,         (char *)"Time in Route Queue Expired")
116/* Request to MOM failed */
117PbsErrClient(PBSE_MOMREJECT,         (char *)"Execution server rejected request")
118/* (qsub) cannot access script file */
119PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADSCRIPT,         (char *)"(qsub) cannot access script file")
120/* Stage In of files failed */
121PbsErrClient(PBSE_STAGEIN,           (char *)"Stage In of files failed")
122/* Resources temporarily unavailable */
123PbsErrClient(PBSE_RESCUNAV,          (char *)"Resource temporarily unavailable")
124/* Bad Group specified */
125PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADGRP,            (char *)"Bad GID for job execution")
126/* Max number of jobs in queue */
127PbsErrClient(PBSE_MAXQUED,           (char *)"Maximum number of jobs already in queue")
128/* Checkpoint Busy, may be retries */
129PbsErrClient(PBSE_CKPBSY,            (char *)"Checkpoint busy, may retry")
130/* 15050 */
131/* Limit exceeds allowable */
132PbsErrClient(PBSE_EXLIMIT,           (char *)"Resource limit exceeds allowable")
133/* Bad Account attribute value */
134PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADACCT,           (char *)"Invalid Account")
135/* Job already in exit state */
136PbsErrClient(PBSE_ALRDYEXIT,         (char *)"Job already in exit state")
137/* Job files not copied */
138PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOCOPYFILE,        (char *)"Job files not copied")
139/* unknown job id after clean init */
140PbsErrClient(PBSE_CLEANEDOUT,        (char *)"unknown job id after clean init")
141/* No Master in Sync Set */
142PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOSYNCMSTR,        (char *)"No master found for sync job set")
143/* Invalid dependency */
144PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADDEPEND,         (char *)"Invalid Job Dependency")
145/* Duplicate entry in List */
146PbsErrClient(PBSE_DUPLIST,           (char *)"Duplicate entry in list ")
147/* Bad DIS based Request Protocol */
148PbsErrClient(PBSE_DISPROTO,          (char *)"Bad DIS based Request Protocol")
149/* cannot execute there */
150PbsErrClient(PBSE_EXECTHERE,         (char *)"Cannot execute at specified host because of checkpoint or stagein files")
151/* 15060 */
152/* sister rejected */
153PbsErrClient(PBSE_SISREJECT,         (char *)"sister rejected")
154/* sister could not communicate */
155PbsErrClient(PBSE_SISCOMM,           (char *)"sister could not communicate")
156/* req rejected -server shutting down */
157PbsErrClient(PBSE_SVRDOWN,           (char *)"Request not allowed: Server shutting down")
158/* not all tasks could checkpoint */
159PbsErrClient(PBSE_CKPSHORT,          (char *)"not all tasks could checkpoint")
160/* Named node is not in the list */
161PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKNODE,           (char *)"Unknown node ")
162/* node-attribute not recognized */
163PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKNODEATR,        (char *)"Unknown node-attribute ")
164/* Server has no node list */
165PbsErrClient(PBSE_NONODES,           (char *)"Server has no node list")
166/* Node name is too big */
167PbsErrClient(PBSE_NODENBIG,          (char *)"Node name is too big")
168/* Node name already exists */
169PbsErrClient(PBSE_NODEEXIST,         (char *)"Node name already exists")
170/* Bad node-attribute value */
171PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADNDATVAL,        (char *)"Illegal value for ")
172/* 15070 */
173/* State values are mutually exclusive */
174PbsErrClient(PBSE_MUTUALEX,          (char *)"Mutually exclusive values for ")
175/* Error(s) during global modification of nodes */
176PbsErrClient(PBSE_GMODERR,           (char *)"Modification failed for ")
177/* could not contact Mom */
178PbsErrClient(PBSE_NORELYMOM,         (char *)"Server could not connect to MOM")
179/* no time-shared nodes */
180PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOTSNODE,          (char *)"No time-share node available")
181/* wrong job type (batch or interactive) */
182PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOBTYPE,           (char *)"Wrong job type")
183/* bad entry in ACL host list */
184PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADACLHOST,        (char *)"Bad ACL entry in host list")
185/* max number of jobs queued for user */
186PbsErrClient(PBSE_MAXUSERQUED,       (char *)"Maximum number of jobs already in queue for user")
187/* bad type in disallowed_types queue attribute */
188PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADDISALLOWTYPE,   (char *)"Bad type in disallowed_types list")
189/* interactive jobs not allowed in queue */
190PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOINTERACTIVE,     (char *)"Queue does not allow interactive jobs")
191/* batch jobs not allowed in queue */
192PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOBATCH,           (char *)"Queue does not allow batch jobs")
193/* 15080 */
194/* rerunable jobs not allowed in queue */
195PbsErrClient(PBSE_NORERUNABLE,       (char *)"Queue does not allow rerunable jobs")
196/* nonrerunable jobs not allowed in queue */
197PbsErrClient(PBSE_NONONRERUNABLE,    (char *)"Queue does not allow nonrerunable jobs")
198/* unknown array id */
199PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNKARRAYID,        (char *)"Unknown Array ID")
200/* bad array request */
201PbsErrClient(PBSE_BAD_ARRAY_REQ,     (char *)"Bad Job Array Request")
202/* Bad file format for array */
203PbsErrClient(PBSE_BAD_ARRAY_DATA,    (char *)"Bad data reading job array from file ")
204/* Time out */
205PbsErrClient(PBSE_TIMEOUT,           (char *)"Time out")
206PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOBNOTFOUND,           (char *)"Job not found")
207/* fault tolerant jobs not allowed in queue */
208PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOFAULTTOLERANT,   (char *)"Queue does not allow fault tolerant jobs")
209/* only fault tolerant jobs allowed in queue */
210PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOFAULTINTOLERANT, (char *)"Queue does not allow fault intolerant jobs")
211PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOJOBARRAYS, (char *)"Queue does not allow job arrays")
212/* 15090 */
213PbsErrClient(PBSE_RELAYED_TO_MOM, (char *)"request was relayed to a MOM") /* */
214PbsErrClient(PBSE_MEM_MALLOC, (char *)"Error allocating memory - out of memory")
215PbsErrClient(PBSE_MUTEX, (char *)"Error allocating controling mutex (lock/unlock)")
216PbsErrClient(PBSE_THREADATTR, (char *)"Error setting thread attributes")
217PbsErrClient(PBSE_THREAD, (char *)"Error creating thread")
218PbsErrClient(PBSE_SELECT, (char *)"Error in socket select")
219PbsErrClient(PBSE_SOCKET_FAULT, (char *)"Unable to get connection to socket")
220PbsErrClient(PBSE_SOCKET_WRITE, (char *)"Error writing data to socket")
221PbsErrClient(PBSE_SOCKET_READ, (char *)"Error reading data from socket")
222PbsErrClient(PBSE_SOCKET_CLOSE, (char *)"Socket close detected")
223/* 15100 */
224PbsErrClient(PBSE_SOCKET_LISTEN, (char *)"Error listening on socket")
225PbsErrClient(PBSE_AUTH_INVALID, (char *)"Invalid auth type in request")
226PbsErrClient(PBSE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, (char *)"This functionality is not yet implemented")
227PbsErrClient(PBSE_QUENOTAVAILABLE, (char *)"Queue is currently not available")
228PbsErrClient(PBSE_TMPDIFFOWNER, (char *)"tmpdir owned by another user")
229PbsErrClient(PBSE_TMPNOTDIR, (char *)"tmpdir exists but is not a directory")
230PbsErrClient(PBSE_TMPNONAME, (char *)"tmpdir cannot be named for job")
231PbsErrClient(PBSE_CANTOPENSOCKET, (char *)"cannot open demux sockets")
232PbsErrClient(PBSE_CANTCONTACTSISTERS, (char *)"cannot send join job to all sisters")
233PbsErrClient(PBSE_CANTCREATETMPDIR, (char *)"cannot create tmpdir for job")
234/* 15110 */
235PbsErrClient(PBSE_BADMOMSTATE, (char *)"Mom is down, cannot run job")
236PbsErrClient(PBSE_SOCKET_INFORMATION, (char *)"socket information is not accessible")
237PbsErrClient(PBSE_SOCKET_DATA, (char *)"data on socket does not process correctly")
238PbsErrClient(PBSE_CLIENT_INVALID, (char *)"client is not allowed/trusted")
239PbsErrClient(PBSE_PREMATURE_EOF, (char *)"Premature End of File")
240PbsErrClient(PBSE_CAN_NOT_SAVE_FILE, (char *)"Error saving file")
241PbsErrClient(PBSE_CAN_NOT_OPEN_FILE, (char *)"Error opening file")
242PbsErrClient(PBSE_CAN_NOT_WRITE_FILE, (char *)"Error writing file")
243PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOB_FILE_CORRUPT, (char *)"Job file corrupt")
244PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOB_RERUN, (char *)"Job can not be rerun")
245/* 15120 */
246PbsErrClient(PBSE_CONNECT, (char *)"Can not establish connection")
247PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOBWORKDELAY, (char *)"Job function must be temporarily delayed")
248PbsErrClient(PBSE_BAD_PARAMETER, (char *)"Parameter of function was invalid")
249PbsErrClient(PBSE_CONTINUE, (char *)"Continue processing on job. (Not an error)")
250PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOBSUBSTATE, (char *)"Current sub state does not allow trasaction.")
251PbsErrClient(PBSE_CAN_NOT_MOVE_FILE, (char *)"Error moving file")
252PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOB_RECYCLED,      (char *)"Job is being recycled")
253PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOB_ALREADY_IN_QUEUE, (char *)"Job is already in destination queue.")
254PbsErrClient(PBSE_INVALID_MUTEX, (char *)"Mutex is NULL or otherwise invalid")
255PbsErrClient(PBSE_MUTEX_ALREADY_LOCKED, (char *)"The mutex is already locked by this object")
256/* 15130 */
257PbsErrClient(PBSE_MUTEX_ALREADY_UNLOCKED, (char *)"The mutex has already been unlocked by this object")
258PbsErrClient(PBSE_INVALID_SYNTAX, (char *)"Command syntax invalid")
259PbsErrClient(PBSE_NODE_DOWN, (char *)"A node is down. Check the MOM and host")
260PbsErrClient(PBSE_SERVER_NOT_FOUND, (char *)"Could not connect to batch server")
261PbsErrClient(PBSE_SERVER_BUSY, (char *)"Pbs Server is currently too busy to service this request. Please retry this request.")
262PbsErrClient(PBSE_CLIENT_CONN_NOT_FOUND, (char *)"Client connection not found. trqauthd unable to authorize user. Possible transient failure. Please try again")
263PbsErrClient(PBSE_CANNOT_RESOLVE, (char *)"Could not resolve host name")
264PbsErrClient(PBSE_DOMAIN_SOCKET_FAULT, (char *)"could not connect to trqauthd")
265PbsErrClient(PBSE_JOB_NOT_IN_QUEUE, (char *)"Job not found in queue.")
266PbsErrClient(PBSE_LOGIN_BUSY, (char *)"Login node is currently too busy to run a job")
267PbsErrClient(PBSE_NODE_CANT_MANAGE_FREQUENCY, (char *)"The cpu frequency for this node can not be modified.")
268PbsErrClient(PBSE_FREQUENCY_NOT_AVAILABLE, (char *)"Requested governor or frequency is not available.")
269PbsErrClient(PBSE_UNEXPECTED_DATA_IN_FILE, (char *)"File contains unexpected data.")
270PbsErrClient(PBSE_CAN_NOT_READ_FILE, (char *)"Error reading file")
271PbsErrClient(PBSE_NO_MATCHING_FREQUENCY, (char *)"No matching frequency available.")
272PbsErrClient(PBSE_INVALID_FREQUENCY_FILE, (char *)"Unable to read base frequency file.")
273PbsErrClient(PBSE_CHANGED_CPU_FREQUENCY, (char *)"Changed cpu clock frequency.")
274PbsErrClient(PBSE_INVALID_POWER_STATE_TRANSISTION, (char *)"Nodes can not be changed from one low power state directly to another.")
275PbsErrClient(PBSE_POWER_STATE_UNSUPPORTED, (char *)"The node does not support changing the power state.")
276PbsErrClient(PBSE_POWER_STATE_UNAVAILABLE, (char *)"The node does not support the requested power state.")
277PbsErrClient(PBSE_CANT_CHANGE_POWER_STATE_WITH_JOBS_RUNNING, (char *)"Can't change power state on a node which has running jobs.")
278PbsErrClient(PBSE_CANT_WAKE_OFF_MACHINE, (char *)"Unable to wake a node in hibernate or shutdown state.")
280/* pbs client errors ceiling (max_client_err + 1) */
281PbsErrClient(PBSE_CEILING,           (char*)0)
284#ifdef PbsErrRm
285/* pbs rm errors floor (min_rm_err - 1) */
286PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMFLOOR = 15200,       (char*)0)
287/* resource unknown */
288PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMUNKNOWN,             (char *)"resource unknown")
289/* parameter could not be used */
290PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMBADPARAM,            (char *)"parameter could not be used")
291/* a parameter needed did not exist */
292PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMNOPARAM,             (char *)"a parameter needed did not exist")
293/* something specified didn't exist */
294PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMEXIST,               (char *)"something specified didn't exist")
295/* a system error occured */
296PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMSYSTEM,              (char *)"a system error occured")
297/* only part of reservation made */
298PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMPART,                (char *)"only part of reservation made")
299/* pbs rm errors ceiling (max_rm_err + 1) */
300PbsErrRm(PBSE_RMCEILING,             (char*)0)
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