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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#29 Connection expiry and maximum connection number issues bas defect major pbs
#41 Make pbs_python work s.t. we can install using python install bas enhancement major pbs
#44 Problem with pbs_submit() bas defect major pbs
#48 User job submission bas enhancement major pbs
#52 PBSQuery + uWSGI bas task major pbs
#54 pbs_submit_hash() bas enhancement major pbs
#57 pbs_submit - OutputPath syntax bas defect major pbs
#60 Fix bug in _lis_2_dict split and exec_host bas enhancement major pbs
#62 job submission fails in pbs_python but works fine with qsub bas defect major pbs
#63 pbs_python-4.6.0 memory leak bas defect major pbs
#66 Python 3 branch bas enhancement major pbs
#10 PBSQuery module enhancement bas enhancement minor PBSQuery
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