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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#20 version info as tuple bas enhancement blocker pbs
#21 Problem installing debian way bas task blocker pbs
#34 pbs_python does not work with most recent TORQUE 4.2.0 bas enhancement blocker Torque 4.X support pbs
#1 Test bas defect major pbs
#2 and others use undefined pbs_geterrmsg bas defect major pbs
#3 .has_key does not work properly for getqueue items bas defect major PBSQuery
#4 Testje somebody defect major pbs
#5 No module named pbs anonymous defect major pbs
#7 Returned mail: see transcript for details somebody defect major pbs
#8 Returned mail: see transcript for details somebody defect major pbs
#9 Eleonora ti ha inviato una cartolina ! somebody defect major pbs
#12 .spec file update anonymous enhancement major pbs
#13 build in hpux bas defect major pbs
#14 q_express not always available bas defect major PBSQuery
#15 subscribe bas task major pbs
#16 PBSQuery module enhancement bas enhancement major PBSQuery
#17 spec file fixes somebody defect major pbs
#18 depends on hostname configuration and is installed by default bas task major pbs
#19 Problem building pbs_python 4.0.0 somebody defect major pbs
#22 Minor patch, runtime-libraries somebody enhancement major pbs
#23 using pbs_python under windows/cygwin bas enhancement major pbs
#24 pbs_python and python3 support. bas enhancement major pbs
#25 Question about pbs_python bas task major pbs
#26 facing problem with php-pgsql v4.x.x Bangar defect major pbs
#27 Unknown queue name error bas task major pbs
#28 Torque 2.5.x compatibility (missing attributes) bas enhancement major pbs
#30 Debian package with broken dependency bas enhancement major debian
#31 pbs_submit can not work with torque 3.0 bas defect major pbs
#32 incorrect version check bas defect major pbs
#36 support for torque 4.2 bas enhancement major Torque 4.X support pbs
#37 docdir is hardcoded in bas defect major Torque 4.X support pbs
#39 Unable to build debian package bas defect major pbs
#40 pbs_python compilation error message bas task major pbs
#45 undefined symbols in C++ wrappers bas defect major pbs
#47 Torque 5.0.x Support bas enhancement major pbs
#49 15044 Resources temporarily unavailable in pbs_python-4.4.0 for torque 4.2.8 bas defect major Torque 4.X support pbs
#51 Swig errors with pbs_python 4.4.0 and Torque 4.2.9 bas defect major pbs
#53 pbs python - uwsgi bas defect major pbs
#11 pbs_python module problem bas defect minor pbs
#33 PBSQuery.PBSError: Attribute key error: __nonzero__ bas enhancement minor PBSQuery
#35 line 331: no error handling. error 15021 not trapped bas defect minor PBSQuery
#42 Error Codes Out of Date bas defect minor pbs
#43 WEB application with access in remote grid system with torque PBS, through django and pbs_python anonymous task minor pbs
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