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#53 worksforme pbs python - uwsgi bas dbikas@…

Can someone explain me why this code:

import pbs
connection = pbs.pbs_connect(pbs.pbs_default())
print connection

Returns: -1 all the time if i run it under uwsgi???

server = pbs.pbs_default()
print "Server name: ", server

returns: Server: and even if i run: connection = pbs.pbs_connect(str('myservername')) i keep getting -1 as the answer

OS: ubuntu 14.04 torque version: 4.1.3 pbs_python version:4.4.0 python version: 2.7

if i run the same code under django's embbedded server or ipython in terminal it returns 1 as expected..

This is the 2nd ticket i create with the same subject. I am trying to find a solution for almost a month with no success... So if someone has any idea, or has already implemented something similar, please give me a hand. Thanks in advance.

#51 fixed Swig errors with pbs_python 4.4.0 and Torque 4.2.9 bas cganote@…


I've seen a few tickets already on errors with undefined symbols, and I've tried replacing the and pbs_wrap.c files as well as the file while compiling, to no avail. I'm still having issues linking these libraries. I'm running CentOS 6.6 and compiling with gcc 4.4.7. Here's what I see:

# Set up a Torque Client
cd torque-4.2.9
./configure --prefix=$(pwd) --mandir=$(pwd)/man  --libdir=$(pwd)/lib64 CC="gcc -m64" --enable-drmaa 
make install_clients
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/lib64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
cd bin
export PATH=$(pwd):$PATH

# Set up pbs_python
cd ..
mkdir pbs_py_again
cd pbs_py_again/
tar -xzvf pbs_python.tar.gz 
cd pbs_python-4.4.0/
./configure --prefix=$(pwd) --with-pbsdir=/full/path/to/new/torque-4.2.9
emacs Makefile # Because the paths are all screwed up - is this ever going to be fixed?
make install
cd lib/python2.7/site-packages/pbs
export PYTHONPATH=$(pwd)
cd ~
python #Import pbs

#Traceback (most recent call last):
#  File "", line 5, in <module>
#    import pbs
#  File "/path/to/pbs/", line 25, in <module>
#    _pbs = swig_import_helper()
#  File "/path/to/pbs/", line 21, in #swig_import_helper
#    _mod = imp.load_module('_pbs', fp, pathname, description)
#ImportError: /path/to/pbs/ undefined symbol: log_remove_old
#49 fixed 15044 Resources temporarily unavailable in pbs_python-4.4.0 for torque 4.2.8 bas aroudgar@…


I have compiled pbs_python-4.4.0 using gcc compiler and install it at the default path. We are using:

# qsub --version Version: 4.2.8

and python 2.7.4. However, when I run the following simple python program:

import pbs

server_name = pbs.pbs_default() print "Server name",server_name c = pbs.pbs_connect(server_name)

attropl = pbs.new_attropl(1)

# Set the name of the job # attropl[0].name = pbs.ATTR_N attropl[0].value = 'test'


job_id = pbs.pbs_submit(c, attropl, "A1.tsk", 'default', 'NULL')

e, e_txt = pbs.error() if e:

print e,e_txt

print job_id

# python Server name b0 constructor called 15044 Resources temporarily unavailable None

qsub is in default searching path and it works in our cluster from above command line.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Cheers, Ata

Ata Roudgar Research Computing WestGrid? Site IT Services Simon Fraser University Burnaby, British Columbia Canada V5A 1S6

phone: 778 782-8860 fax: 778 782-4242

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