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#5 fixed No module named pbs anonymous anonymous

When I try to build the software from the sources on my 64bit machine, everything seems to be fine, but when I call any of the .py scripts, I get the following error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 11, in ?
    import pbs
ImportError: No module named pbs

I should mention that my PBS directory is named /usr/local/torque

#12 fixed .spec file update anonymous sternberg@…

The .spec file was somewhat antiquated and would not build on RHEL5.1/CentOS 5.1 - I defined libdir and python as variables for the %prep and %files stage. Thanks guys!

#43 fixed WEB application with access in remote grid system with torque PBS, through django and pbs_python anonymous anonymous

Hi, i am a beginner in torque PBS and i am trying to implement a web application which will provide access in some of the torque abilities through a graphical web ui made in django. (eg: qsub, qstat, qhold, qdel commands and some general information about the system like number of nodes used etc) So in order to use this python library, i had to install torque in my pc and then pbs_python-4.4.0 and everything is ok. My question is: what should i do, to make use of the same tools in a remote grid system which has only torque PBS installed. I have access in that system from terminal through ssh, with my credentials. Is there any possibility for remote access in that system using PBS_PYTHON? Should i install pbs_python-4.4.0 and django in that system making it host of my web application? Thanks in advance.

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