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#49 fixed 15044 Resources temporarily unavailable in pbs_python-4.4.0 for torque 4.2.8 bas aroudgar@…


I have compiled pbs_python-4.4.0 using gcc compiler and install it at the default path. We are using:

# qsub --version Version: 4.2.8

and python 2.7.4. However, when I run the following simple python program:

import pbs

server_name = pbs.pbs_default() print "Server name",server_name c = pbs.pbs_connect(server_name)

attropl = pbs.new_attropl(1)

# Set the name of the job # attropl[0].name = pbs.ATTR_N attropl[0].value = 'test'


job_id = pbs.pbs_submit(c, attropl, "A1.tsk", 'default', 'NULL')

e, e_txt = pbs.error() if e:

print e,e_txt

print job_id

# python Server name b0 constructor called 15044 Resources temporarily unavailable None

qsub is in default searching path and it works in our cluster from above command line.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Cheers, Ata

Ata Roudgar Research Computing WestGrid? Site IT Services Simon Fraser University Burnaby, British Columbia Canada V5A 1S6

phone: 778 782-8860 fax: 778 782-4242

#13 fixed build in hpux bas giannis@…

i am trying to build pbs_python in a HPUX 11i v1 system but i am getting errors

(cant open include file stdint.h

cant open include file sys/select.h)

has pbs_python support for hpux 11i ?


#30 fixed Debian package with broken dependency bas guillermo.marcus@…


The debian package is quite handy, but it depends in the torque package. The packaging of torque in debian has changed (split in several torque-* and libtorque2*) packages, so this dependency creates a broken situation. You might want to replace it with libtorque2 or libtorque2-dev.

Could you update the package to be compatible with newer distributions?

Best wishes, Guillermo Marcus

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