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#25 fixed Question about pbs_python bas grva@…

I ran across your excellent pbs_python module. I'm having a bit of trouble
using it to submit jobs, and I was wondering if I could ask a very naive

After installing, and checking that the works, I'm trying to
submit jobs by doing the following:

import pbs

# determine script_name, fill out attrop1, etc.

server_name = pbs.pbs_default()
c = pbs.pbs_connect(server_name)
job_id = pbs.pbs_submit(c,attrop1,script_name,'NULL','NULL')

e, e_txt = pbs.error()
if e:
     print e,e_txt
     print "Submitted PBS Job " + str(job_id)

However, when I do this, I get "15020 Expired Credential in request", and I
don't know what this means, nor how to fix it.

It seems like I am missing something obvious, however, and I was hoping you
might be able to point it out.

Many thanks in advance.


Greg van Anders
Research Fellow
Glotzer Group, University of Michigan
#27 fixed Unknown queue name error bas Philip Knaute

Dear Bas, I hope it is OK to post a question regarding pbs_pyhon on here. I couldn't find a mailing list or something similar.

I installed pbs_python and all the examples run fine, so far. But whenever I try to submit a job I get the error '15018 Unknown queue name'.

The queue name I give with attropl[4].name = pbs.ATTR_q attropl[4].value = 'auto' (I also tried appending following line, even if I wasn't sure what it does : attropl[4].op = pbs.EQ )

is a valid queue name that works perfectly in a pbs script with #PBS -q auto

I also tried other valid queue names.

ommiting the pbs_ATTR_q didn't help either.

I use job_id = pbs.pbs_submit(c, attropl, "A.tsk", 'NULL', 'NULL') to submit the job and the script A.tsk runs fine if I use "qsub A.tsk" on the command line.

Do you have an idea what I might have missed or not done correctly?

Thank you, Philip

#28 fixed Torque 2.5.x compatibility (missing attributes) bas anonymous


I'd like to report that pbs_python v4.3.0 is not fully compatibile with Torque 2.5.x. For what I can see some attributes are not accounted for so an update is in order. I don't know what the situation is with Torque 3.0.x, as we don't use it for now.

For sure the missing attributes are (these are the ones i stumbled upon):

  • ATTR_init_work_dir
  • ATTR_P

Of course the complete reference you may find running diff on pbs_ifl.h from Torque sources.

Anyway, thanks for making Torque play nice with python!

Łukasz Czuja

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