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#27 fixed Unknown queue name error bas Philip Knaute

Dear Bas, I hope it is OK to post a question regarding pbs_pyhon on here. I couldn't find a mailing list or something similar.

I installed pbs_python and all the examples run fine, so far. But whenever I try to submit a job I get the error '15018 Unknown queue name'.

The queue name I give with attropl[4].name = pbs.ATTR_q attropl[4].value = 'auto' (I also tried appending following line, even if I wasn't sure what it does : attropl[4].op = pbs.EQ )

is a valid queue name that works perfectly in a pbs script with #PBS -q auto

I also tried other valid queue names.

ommiting the pbs_ATTR_q didn't help either.

I use job_id = pbs.pbs_submit(c, attropl, "A.tsk", 'NULL', 'NULL') to submit the job and the script A.tsk runs fine if I use "qsub A.tsk" on the command line.

Do you have an idea what I might have missed or not done correctly?

Thank you, Philip

#2 fixed and others use undefined pbs_geterrmsg bas pk@…


with libtorque 2.1.1, pbs-python 2.9.2, ganglia-pbs 0.9.13 under debian/sarge. If I run

processors = 0
/usr/bin/gmetric -npbs-state -v"P=0" -tstring -x15
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bin/", line 495, in ?
  File "bin/", line 483, in check_args
  File "bin/", line 416, in once
  File "bin/", line 266, in get
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'pbs_geterrmsg'

this error is also found if you run " --help".



#17 fixed spec file fixes somebody ramonb

there are 2 errors in the spec file;

  • ${_tmppath} should be: %{_tmppath}
  • %setup pbs-python sourcedir should be pbs_python
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