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#31 invalid pbs_submit can not work with torque 3.0 bas xiaomou@…

pbs_python version 4.3.3, torque version 3.0.x, python version 2.7 PBSQuery works very well, but pbs_submit always fails. When I ran the following sample code, it always reports: 1 15044 Resources temporarily unavailable None

Sample test code:

import pbs

pbs_server = pbs.pbs_default () pbsconn = pbs.pbs_connect (pbs_server)

print pbsconn

attrl = pbs.new_attropl(1) attrl[0].name = pbs.ATTR_N attrl[0].value = "test"

task_id = pbs.pbs_submit(pbsconn, attrl, "A1.tsk", , 'NULL')

e, e_txt = pbs.error() if e:

print e,e_txt

print task_id


#30 fixed Debian package with broken dependency bas guillermo.marcus@…


The debian package is quite handy, but it depends in the torque package. The packaging of torque in debian has changed (split in several torque-* and libtorque2*) packages, so this dependency creates a broken situation. You might want to replace it with libtorque2 or libtorque2-dev.

Could you update the package to be compatible with newer distributions?

Best wishes, Guillermo Marcus

#28 fixed Torque 2.5.x compatibility (missing attributes) bas anonymous


I'd like to report that pbs_python v4.3.0 is not fully compatibile with Torque 2.5.x. For what I can see some attributes are not accounted for so an update is in order. I don't know what the situation is with Torque 3.0.x, as we don't use it for now.

For sure the missing attributes are (these are the ones i stumbled upon):

  • ATTR_init_work_dir
  • ATTR_P

Of course the complete reference you may find running diff on pbs_ifl.h from Torque sources.

Anyway, thanks for making Torque play nice with python!

Łukasz Czuja

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