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#33 fixed PBSQuery.PBSError: Attribute key error: __nonzero__ bas anonymous

I've been playing around with PBSQuery for a few minutes; please let me know if I'm missing something obvious.

PBSQuery.getjob() returns and empty dictionary if the job is not found, and returns some other object that can be used like a dictionary if the job is found.

What I would like to do is something like this:

status = pbsq.getjob(id) if status:

#do something


#job not in queue

however, if the job is found this will fail:

PBSQuery.PBSError: Attribute key error: nonzero

if the job is not found, this code is fine because a dict implements nonzero(self)

#35 fixed line 331: no error handling. error 15021 not trapped bas anonymous

after digging a bug in jobmond (jobmonarch project), I found that at line 331, there is no error handling, and I get an empty job list whitout knowing that there is an error (which I don't understand).

self._connect is successfull (self.con = 1 which is >= 0) jobs = pbs_pbs_statjob(1, , 'NULL', 'NULL') returns [] pbs.get_error() returns 15021

I've checked torque logs with no obvious errors (V torque works fine. defined queues are: halfday, week, month

#2 fixed and others use undefined pbs_geterrmsg bas pk@…


with libtorque 2.1.1, pbs-python 2.9.2, ganglia-pbs 0.9.13 under debian/sarge. If I run

processors = 0
/usr/bin/gmetric -npbs-state -v"P=0" -tstring -x15
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bin/", line 495, in ?
  File "bin/", line 483, in check_args
  File "bin/", line 416, in once
  File "bin/", line 266, in get
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'pbs_geterrmsg'

this error is also found if you run " --help".



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