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#45 duplicate undefined symbols in C++ wrappers bas glen.beane@…

I had to remove references to two functions:

log_available begin_rm_req

from src/C++/ and src/C++/pbs_wrap.cxx

otherwise we got undefined symbol errors when importing the module in our python program

It appears these had already been removed from src/C/ and src/C/pbs_wrap.c

#13 fixed build in hpux bas giannis@…

i am trying to build pbs_python in a HPUX 11i v1 system but i am getting errors

(cant open include file stdint.h

cant open include file sys/select.h)

has pbs_python support for hpux 11i ?


#11 fixed pbs_python module problem bas Dorian Minarolli <odmi091@…>
Hi to every body

I have some problem with pbs_python module
I have run ./configure make make install
without errors in a X86_64 fedora 8 machine
but when I execute an example
it says ImportError: No module named pbs
the torque bach system  is installed with yum install
my real question is does installing this way
includes the -fPIC option required on 64 bit machines
Thank you for your help
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