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#31 invalid pbs_submit can not work with torque 3.0 bas xiaomou@…

pbs_python version 4.3.3, torque version 3.0.x, python version 2.7 PBSQuery works very well, but pbs_submit always fails. When I ran the following sample code, it always reports: 1 15044 Resources temporarily unavailable None

Sample test code:

import pbs

pbs_server = pbs.pbs_default () pbsconn = pbs.pbs_connect (pbs_server)

print pbsconn

attrl = pbs.new_attropl(1) attrl[0].name = pbs.ATTR_N attrl[0].value = "test"

task_id = pbs.pbs_submit(pbsconn, attrl, "A1.tsk", , 'NULL')

e, e_txt = pbs.error() if e:

print e,e_txt

print task_id


#32 fixed incorrect version check bas thomas.moschny@…

While trying to use pbs_python with Torque 3.0.0 we saw that the 2.1 versions of and are symlinked and used, and not the 2.4 ones. This results in certain functions not being available.

The reason is this check in

if major_version  >= 2 and minor_version >= 4 and build_version >= 7:

Obviously this evals to False when major_version is 3, but minor_version and build_version are 0.

Using tuple comparison like this:

if (major_version, minor_version, build_version) > (2, 4, 7):

fixes the issue for us.

#33 fixed PBSQuery.PBSError: Attribute key error: __nonzero__ bas anonymous

I've been playing around with PBSQuery for a few minutes; please let me know if I'm missing something obvious.

PBSQuery.getjob() returns and empty dictionary if the job is not found, and returns some other object that can be used like a dictionary if the job is found.

What I would like to do is something like this:

status = pbsq.getjob(id) if status:

#do something


#job not in queue

however, if the job is found this will fail:

PBSQuery.PBSError: Attribute key error: nonzero

if the job is not found, this code is fine because a dict implements nonzero(self)

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