14:30 Ticket #51 (Swig errors with pbs_python 4.4.0 and Torque 4.2.9) created by cganote@…
Hi, I've seen a few tickets already on errors with undefined symbols, …
11:39 Ticket #47 (Torque 5.0.x Support) closed by bas
fixed: In 342: […]
11:39 Changeset [342] by bas
New pbs_python release 4.6.0, closes #47
11:17 Changeset [341] by bas
adjusted download url
10:47 Changeset [340] by bas
added release.json file for freecode.club and updated CHANGEs file


18:11 Ticket #42 (Error Codes Out of Date) closed by bas
fixed: I will close this ticket
18:11 Ticket #43 (WEB application with access in remote grid system with torque PBS, ...) closed by bas
fixed: see #48
18:09 Ticket #49 (15044 Resources temporarily unavailable in pbs_python-4.4.0 for torque ...) closed by bas
fixed: Problem is fixed, close it
18:08 Ticket #35 (PBSQuery.py line 331: no error handling. error 15021 not trapped) closed by bas
fixed: I will close it. No feedback
17:55 Changeset [339] by bas
applied PBSQuery patch to handle cpuid range for torque5, see #47
12:17 Changeset [338] by bas
muust be a elif statement
12:13 Changeset [337] by bas
added 5.x directory and changed setup.py.in, see #47
12:12 Changeset [336] by bas
preparing for new pbs_python release that supports torque 5.x, see #47
11:46 Changeset [335] by bas
finally version of pbs_python to 5.X, still no working rm interface
10:59 Changeset [334] by bas
we just copy the header files and evrything works as expected ;-)
10:09 Changeset [333] by bas
updated readme for devel


23:23 Ticket #25 (Question about pbs_python) closed by bas
fixed: the swig file is now added to devel branch
23:20 Ticket #45 (undefined symbols in C++ wrappers) closed by bas
duplicate: ok progress will be in ticket #47. I will close this one. It is only …
23:07 Changeset [332] by bas
removed obsolete code from errors.py
23:06 Changeset [331] by bas
use the standard error file from pbs
22:05 Changeset [330] by bas
also copy pbs_error.h from default installation
22:04 Changeset [329] by bas
updated pbs_error.h
16:54 Changeset [328] by bas
test rm interface
16:28 Changeset [327] by bas
some small improvements but no working rm interface


17:19 Changeset [326] by bas
use standard header files so we just can copy them and renmove obsole …
17:14 Ticket #46 (printfs in src/C++/pbs_wrap.cxx) closed by bas
fixed: In 325: […]
17:14 Changeset [325] by bas
remove obsolete printf message, closes #46
17:10 Changeset [324] by bas
added 5.X setup, must be made better, want to generate a of stuff from …
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