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In the pbs_python package the are two modules:

This python module wraps all the C-functions that are defined in pbs_ifl.h header file. The function names in the module are the same as for C.
This is a python module build on top of the pbs python module. It can only be used for query purposes, eg: how many jobs, how many nodes, etc ..

PBS python module

As already mentioned this module use the same functions names as the C-library. So you can use the man-pages that are include in Torque software to see which arguments are required and returned. Keep in mind that the following C-types will be converted to Python-type:

  • C linked list are converted to python list and vica versa
  • If C-struct is required then first allocate storage for it. The mostly used structs are:

How to use the pbs_python libary:

PBSQuery module

As the name already suggested this module is only used to get info. It can gather information about the following items:

  • job(s)
  • queue(s)
  • server
  • node(s)

How to use the PBSQuery module: